What Life Would Be Like If A Military Coup Happens In Pakistan. AGAIN.

While the international media has been pouring out news of the recently attempted military coup in Turkey, I couldn’t help but think of what the bhole and masoom Pakistanis of our country – myself included – would do if this happened to us? If we were to face such circumstances, where would we stand? To whom would we show our support- the military or the government?

Here are some of the surefire reactions of Pakistanis if they end up undergoing martial law for the fifth time.

The Typical Mothers

“Haaye oo mereya rabba, ae ki hogya!”

“Chill ammi chill…”


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When father starts looking for you and you are not at home!

Your friend could have just dropped you at the gate, and you can expect your dad to welcome you with the kindest words ever.

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Yeaaaap. You can expect the curfew issues to get way, way worse after martial law!

When neither you nor your friend will have access to internet

The last option will be landline- after no Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat. WHY SO CRUEL, WORLD?


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Who can forget the potential selfies?

Prime time to get all those amazing explosion selfies we’ve always wanted!


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Being given Great advice by Great people!

How could we forget him?

“Yaar humse puch lete kay takeover karte hain,”- Musharraf to the Chief of Army Staff.


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When there will be some leniency during curfew and mom asks you to get groceries

And you were like…


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How would you go outside on a friend’s call? A big question mark!

Yes, the scariest thing ever and you start reciting Ayat ul Kursi before peeping out.

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Are there any creatures in existence known as Politicians?

They will be mourning. Kinda like this.


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The luckiest time for job-going people

When you get something extra, it surely delights you.


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And when you finally return home safely

That sigh of relief. You made it through another day. Alive.


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