Why Kinnaird College Is The Best College In Lahore

From bake sales in the Bell Ground to gathering for annual picture day at the Big Tree, to unlimited amount of birthday surprises on the steps of Amphitheatre and the Manhoos Billi of Amaltas Court– yes, this is Kinnaird College.

Kinniard College - Parhlo

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Graduated 4 years ago, I still can’t deny how wonderful it was studying in Kinnaird College. However, even though I feel rather exclusive when I still call myself a KCite, there are a number of facts that will always remain as “just KC things” in my and probably a lot of other KCite’s life.

While Kinnaird is famous for producing perfect “bahus” with proper training of gol rotis, only we KCites understand what it feels like to study in Pakistan’s best girls’ college/university.

Rishtas Start Flowing Once People Find out You Got Into Kinnaird

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As soon as your Phuppo finds out you got admission in Kinnaird, she starts prepping your parents on how decent of a pay scale her son has. While mothers may flaunt around on how proud she feels her daughter got into Kinnaird, the Phuppo is the one who opens doors of countless rishtas we are not interested in.

While mothers may flaunt around on how proud she feels her daughter got into Kinnaird, she opens doors of countless rishtas we are not interested in.

“Par khair, larka dekhne mae kya jaata hai, beta?”

Foundation Course – Stalking 101

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KCites know how to master the art of stalking and gossiping. Class fellows, ex, dogs, your next door aunty, Sara ka hot bhai, President Obama– you name it and we would’ve stalked them before you even knew about it.

Our Valentine’s is More Happening Compared to That Of Committed Couples

Stepping out of gate no.2, she walked on the road full of roses with boys trying to get her attention while she kept her gaze down. Sounds like a movie? Absolutely not. This is what Valentine’s Day outside Kinnaird College looks like.

parhlo queen scooter

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The road outside our college is filled with cars having red balloons and teddy bears. There are bikers trying to get your attention and the Jail Road wala McDonald’s becomes the ultimate dating spot.

Let us all KCites take this moment to thank the intermediate boys of Punjab College, FC College, and Government College for throwing numbers and roses at us. Our lives would’ve been incomplete otherwise.

Washrooms? More Like gossip Corners

Hang around in KC’s washroom for more than 20 minutes and you will hear how Afsheen’s fiancé got her a brand new smartphone, how cunning her sister in law is and how disrespectful her in-law’s dog was.

Kaleem Sahab is More Important than our Any Other Man Out There

Need to learn how to pose for your marriage? Kaleem Sahab is your man.

Need to take Facebook DPs for upcoming 10 years and future generations? Kaleem Sahab is your answer.

KCites don’t need a friend with DSLR as they are privileged to have their own on-campus photographer, Kaleem Sahab. I miss him the most.

It is a Jail, Trust Me!

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While the gates of the universities in Pakistan are open at all times, KC is like that father who will keep a proper lookout for you. Yes, our gates still open after 12 pm.

Rikshaw Sawari

No hangout is complete without stuffing a group of 7 girls in one rickshaw and going to one of the best cafes in Lahore. Not to forget how these 7 ladies master the art of bargaining like it was a right given to them on birth (maybe, it was? *wink*)

source: thehindu.com

source: thehindu.com

While KC girls are known to be proud and rude, there is no denying at how proud we feel studying in one of the best institutes of Pakistan. After all, once a KCite, always a KCite!

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