What It Was Like To Go To KIPS Academy For Entry Test Preparations After My A Levels

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I was told to join KIPS academy as soon I’m over with my A levels exams since they’re the best at this. But the academy didn’t do its job fairly. My friends and I , all decided to attend the seminar which the academy was going to hold and we did. The seminar seemed quite promising and so we joined it.

I must say it was the worst decision I had ever taken. The attitude of the teachers was so humiliating. I remember how I’d ask the teacher a question and how rudely he’d respond. The other day I asked the teacher, “why is the option D of this question wrong?”, I said this while pointing towards the board. He replied in a disparaging tone,”Tumhay nazar nai ah raha ya ankain kamzor hain? Kaisay sahi ho sakta hai?”.(“Can’t you see or Is your eyesight weak? How is it even possible?”).

I always ignored the taunts by the teacher as I was there to learn and these silly comments never meant much to me. My teacher would sometimes pass remarks on me, so I don’t ask them any questions. They’d say that you don’t seem to be an A level student since they’re quick at picking all sorts of stuff. I replied politely,”Sir, every students’ capability is different from picking stuff. You may think I’m weak and maybe I am, but I want to overcome this weakness by getting my new concepts strong enough so I can answer any question.”. I always take my teachers’ taunts in a positive and constructive manner. I have always had a lot of respect for my teachers since they deserve it. I respect them as I respect my parents.


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These KIPS teachers would often say “Yeh A levels walay to baray shezaday hotay hain inhay koi kuch heh nai sakte.”.(“These A level students are princes. No one can dare to say anything to them.”) I felt they were somehow jealous of this A level system. No doubt A levels is the best, but it’s quite expensive, even my family faced a lot of problems when arranging money for my fees.


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My Chemistry teacher once insulted my friend very badly when she gave a wrong answer. She said to the teacher that she thinks option D (that was bleaching agent), is the correct answer. My teacher replied that she must be using bleaching powder to get her face white, but it doesn’t mean the answer is supposed to be bleaching agent, and for the wrong answer she’s given, if there weren’t boys in the class, he’d have let her know what he’d have done to her. I believe a teacher also has certain limits he shouldn’t cross.

KIPS took  about 38,000 parts from each of the students and believe me there were many students who were giving retakes. They all told me they had joined KIPS in the previous year as well but they couldn’t make it. These students included those who had excellent marks in their board exams. KIPS is just like any another money-making centre, with so-called ‘promising results’. Only two students from my class, who were reappearing for the entry test made it through.

All I can say is that KIPS is a total waste of money. Everyone, especially the A level students, should avoid going there. Just go through the board books yourself.

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