‘I Will Have A Big Fat Burger When I’m Out’: What Is Your Post-Lockdown Wish?

First thing to do after the lockdown

No, we are not going out yet. The government has extended the lockdown restrictions with some relaxations to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Life has changed a lot. However, people are still hopeful and waiting to return to their normal lives, fully. Some have already planned what they will do once the lockdown is over.

Many of the people shared plans about their first encounter in the world beyond their homes. Some said, they will be socializing with family and friends once again, while many want to party, eat and just travel.

“I want to eat at a restaurant again,” said one. Another person said, “I’m having a big BBQ and sheesha party at home. All my friends will come”. And, there one more…”I’ll go back to work. It’s been a while I want to get back to my routine”.

At the moment, life is pretty much on hold. It’s hard to think past the weeks of quarantine as the pandemic is not going anywhere soon. Well, that’s what the experts are saying. However, keep your fingers crossed and read this article.

Yaar, I will go to chai wala dhaba, to relax with my friends

Shazma Khan, an enthusiastic advertising agent said, “I will meet my friends, go to our hang out spot (chai dhaba) just to relax. Then I will go to a salon.” Because why not.

After lockdown

Source: Sunday

Meeting friends after a long break is one of the most common plans everyone has in their minds. Giving them a big hug once is all they are waiting for. As many of us have has been video calling and using different apps to keep connected in lockdown it will be a whole new feeling to meet friends and family after the lockdown.

‘I want to have a burger’

A university student, Ibtihaj Afzal said, “Burger khaun ga (I will eat burger) Burger O’ Clock ka ya Oh! My Grill ka,”
Aisha Mahmood, a journalist and a big foodie said, “I would first order something man and then spend a lot of money on shopping.” A similar thought has been shared by Khushbakht Ashraf, PR agent, who loves eating out.

what you will do after lockdown

Source: Rediff

People, especially in Pakistan, are big foodies. So the major missing these days is eating out. Many said that fancy dinner or a hang out at the popular eatery will get the joy back in their lives after the depressing lockdown. With many of our favorite places closes at the moment, people are dying to just sit and eat at their go-to places.

Night out

For boys, it’s a nightmare to stay at home especially at weekends. They are looking forward to get their nightlives back when they can go around the street and enjoy the free time. Those late-night chai sessions, late drives, and long talks are being missed by almost all boys.

‘I need to get a shave. Badly’

“Shave banwani hai, baal katwane hain, har jaga se barh rahy hain (Need to get a shave and a haircut). I am looking like a homeless drug addict,” said a guy who is known for his chic looks.

Ah! We can understand his feelings about not being able to go to a salon to get yourself pampered. Where girls are missing their facial, pedicure and manicure sessions, guys too surely want to get a haircut. The before and after looks of the lockdown of many are so funny.

what you will do after the lockdown

source: NaturalTermo

Parties and more parties

We were not too surprised when some people told us that they are planning a huge post-lockdown party. You can have all the people you’ve missed around. Some say they are planning a summer beach party, farmhouse gatherings and house parties as well. A retired government officer told us, he is planning his traditional family meetup as soon as this all ends.

“We will plan a farmhouse meetup or a picnic at Karachi’s Hawksbay beach. I usually do that for my family every summer. So, waiting for that to happen again,” he said.

first thing you will do after lockdown

Source: Crate and Barrel

Girls want to go shopping without worrying about how close they are to people. Get everyone together to have some food and celebrate socializing.

“Amma ky sath shopping pe jana hai (I want to go to shopping with my mother). It’s been a while I met her due to the lockdown,” said Qudsia Farooq, a married woman, who lives just a few blocks away from her mother’s house with her in-laws.

Let me get in shape

Some fitness enthusiasts are missing their daily fitness regimes. Being stuck indoors has forced many to eat a lot of junk out of boredom. Surely people have gained a lot of weight. We all have (sad face). The workout or the gym trend will be up once they are open again


Jamshed Khan a travel enthusiast, said, “I am ready with my travel plans, just waiting for this corona to end soon.”

After this lockdown, people are planning to have big holidays abroad. Some people had holiday plans canceled this year due to the lockdowns. Hopefully, the travel restrictions will also be lifted across the world soon. Many want to relax at foreign locations, enjoy nature without getting stuck at home in the same bedroom.

what you will do after the lockdown

source: Metiza

Well, some people are not happy with the mosques being shut and there is a ban on religious places. Jamal Ashraf Sidiqqui, a marketing expert, is missing going to the mosques for the five-time prayers.

“I will first go to the mosque and then visit my loved ones in the graveyard after this lockdown,” he said.

Well, we can relate how people are getting fed up with their lives due to the coronavirus crisis. You just need to hold on a bit and take necessary precautions to avoid further spread of the virus. We will come out of this soon being bigger and better.

And yes, you will get what you want, as you must have heard this famous dialogue from Bollywood, “Kisi cheez ko sache dil se chaho to puri kainaat usy tumse milane se koshish main lag jati hai.”

This shall pass.


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