How To Know If A Person Is Telling The Truth Or Not…

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Who decides that? Can my truth be different from yours? And can your truth be a lie for me? And my lie be a truth for you? This is what comes to mind when you think about the truth, for example, you may say the glass is half empty and I may say that it is half filled, are you saying the truth? Or am I?

There are certain ideas that have been considered fact as time has gone by. For example that “slim women are beautiful”  and only they can be happy in life and that man should be broad and tall or else they aren’t manly.


Source: PopKey

These truths are embedded in our minds when we are children. For example, we as girls grow up watching Barbie and watching all the Disney princess get their happily after and we think that that that is what we have to attain to get our happily ever after.


Source: Goodreads

Men grow up watching the marvel super heroes and wrestling and they are rich have all the luxuries and the women, they see how they should be strong and if they’re not they will be nothing more than a wimp, they grow up seeing girls as damsels in distress and themselves as heroes and saviors hence, giving rise to gender roles.

To get all that we desire we start going to the gyms, hire personal trainers and most of all start buying slimming products and men start buying supplements and hence aiding the capitalist powers. This truth is used as a tool, it is embedded in our minds exploiting our desire for joy to gain benefit from us by making us, passive consumers.

To create a resistant identity we must separate ourselves from such kind of ideological ideas and believe that happiness comes to all those who desire it, beauty comes in all size and colors and wealth comes to all those who work hard for it there is no shortcut no matter how slim you get or how broad you become.

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