This Mysterious Black Box Is Everywhere And It Is Driving Us Insane!

Earlier this week this mystery box appeared and now it is all over the internet!

The box is locked by a code and no one knows what the code, why the box is here and what do we do with it? It has been driving the internet insane with all the curiosity and now it’s our turn!

From celebrities to publications to bloggers to basically everyone on internet either has the box and is dying to open it or wants the box for themselves!

Even our girl Anoushey Ashraf got super curious and tweeted about the mysterious box!

We’re right there with you Anoushey, equally curious, totally intrigued! According to the code will be revealed tomorrow putting all of us out of this misery and what’s interesting is that the website is letting everyone sign up for the box! So if you haven’t this is the time to sign up and join the club!

Everyone has been guessing what’s in the box and we’re too! We think this has something tech related!

What do you guys think is in the box?

Whoever is sending it has got out attention and we’re ready to finally unveil the mystery tomorrow at 12:00 pm! Meanwhile, sign up for the box on and tell us what do you think?

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