This Girl Sheds Light On How Muslims Misinterpret The Tragedy Of Karbala

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Karbala, the Land of Martyrs, bears 1000 hidden secrets beneath. A place, where almost every prophet was tormented and faced calamities but the progeny of Muhammad (PBUH) suffered way beyond fortitude. We would have died while being alive if all those calamities had surfaced upon us. But no comparison can be made with the great leader of Islam, Hussain, who lost his children and companions before his sight without uttering a word.

What have we learned from this sacrifice? We have learned nothing yet. We Muslims are only busy in prodding each other and forgot the real motive of that eminent sacrifice. Imam Hussain solely took that drastic step to save the religion of his grandfather but Muslims are still busy authenticating the mourning of Hussain.

Just imagine, how did a father let his teenage boy be killed on the battlefield only for the sake of religion? How did a brother saw his pious and modest sister Bibi Zainab be wandering on the streets after his martyrdom?

But we have forgotten the real subject and moral of the battle.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Imam Hussain was familiar with each and every happening but still sacrificed his progeny for the sake of religion. But how do we commemorate his sacrificial? Every year, by the beginning of Muharram we divide ourselves into different sects and start fighting over trivial differences instead of spreading the real message of that great sacrifice.

Source: Imam Sajjad Institute

We can’t even spend a few days to mourn his sufferings and calamities whereas Our Prophet himself mourned in his life while recalling this grave tragedy of Karbala. Some of us will be busy partying and spending 9th and 10th Muharram as days off from work because we find it to be a great sin to cry over Martyrs. If this is a sin then we must make a promise that we will never cry over the tragedies and calamities of our close deceased relatives.

Being a devoted Muslim, we must not prod or provoke other sects for their beliefs as final verdict will only be given by Almighty on the judgment day that who will be the most virtuous and pious among us.

We are all meant to follow One God, One Prophet, and One Quran so there is no point in fighting and blaming each other but still, there are some unanswerable questions that one needs to know. We must read the whole history behind that notable sacrifice. Karbala was not just a battle but a lesson that will keep enlightening our souls till the Day of Judgment.

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