10 Annoying Things You Always Hear Being The Youngest Employee In Your Office

Congratulations, you just became the ultimate “stooge” in your office if you happen to be the youngest one in your workplace. Something has caused you to start working during the time when you are supposed to be entirely focused on studies, but that does not keep you out of the race because you are potentially having an experience that’s most accountable in your professional life.

You just finished your A-levels, Intermediate or Bachelors Chances are, you are a graduate as well and happen to still be the youngest in your office. In the latter case, there would only be uncles and aunties who would pamper you in the workplace like you are a baby.

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I can absolutely relate to this experience. I’m still doing my A’levels and I happen to juggle this work, and I am sure there are many people like me who can relate to the points based on a general experience one always has.

So, let’s recall everything your co-workers or people around you have said to you just because you’re the youngest one in your workplace!

1. Parhai chor di?

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-Excuse me? Seriously? Is that even an assumption?

2. Why are you even working?

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Because I am way out of my mind. My mom heavily smoked crackpot when I was inside her. JK, but seriously, one has their individual reasons… You asked once, twice, stop it before it happens thrice!

3. Abhi parhai karo, job ke din nahi hein

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Oh God, kya baat kardi… Shukriya aap ka!

4. Chotu

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5. He/She might just be too young and inexperienced for that

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Yeah, right

6. Yaaar, you are too young to say those things!

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Okay, workplace Mamma-Pappa

7. Cover your ears! Abhi tum chotay ho, esi baatein mat suno


8. You must still be training; it’s a long way to go, I know

Shakal achi nahi tou baat tou achi karo

9. You’re an intern, right?

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10. Abay yeh tou bacha/bachi hai

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Guys, don’t sweat it because… well hota hai, chalta hai, dunya hai! Just try to understand your pace and where it would take you years from now on. Just believe in yourself because YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING!

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