What Happens When a Desi Girl Turns 22?

The average age of a bachelor’s graduate desi girl is 22 years – and that is the age when brown families try to impose everything on them.

While the West may tell you to ‘travel the world, get a dream job, find yourself and not to settle for anyone too soon’, our desi parents think getting our degree is the sign of getting them shaadi ke cards printed.

So what happens when you are 22 years old or older?

1. Pressure of Shaadi

No surprises there – your entire family starts planning the perfect wedding and starts hunting for the “qurbaani ka bakra” whose life you’ll ruin.

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We are just 22, mother and father. 22. Taylor Swift wrote a whole song on this age and taught us how we need to party but you want us to give birth to 22 kids at this age?

Have. Mercy. Dear. Parents.

2. Being Judged on Not Doing House-Hold Chores

source: kappit.com

source: kappit.com

As soon as you become a university graduate, you instantly gain the role of being responsible for all the household chores.

I understand that doing ‘ghar k kaam’ is essential, but we didn’t spend 16 years of education and your millions of rupees to master the sacred art of making gol rotis.

Mujhe tou tension hoti hai ye aglay k ghar jaa ke kya kaam kare gi.”– I am sure I am not the only one who has heard this line.

3. Bringing Our Age into Everything

You make one blunder or act irresponsibly in a particular case and instantly your parents will remind you of your age like a portable walky-talky birth certificate.

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22 years old and still doesn’t know how to…..” and the list goes on.

We know mother and father; we know we are just 22 years old. And we are not proud of it either.

4. “When I was your age-”

On an average, this becomes one of the typical lines our parents use.

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Regardless of how everything has changed- how the economics of the world have changed, how difficult it is to get a job, how Pluto is not a planet anymore and how a cat is bigger than a human being, our parents still think we need to do exactly what they did when they were 22.

Oh and not to forget:

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5. Treating Us Like We Are 72 Years Old

As soon as we hit 22, our parents become worried for our health, as if it’s the end of the world for us!

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We didn’t instantaneously age overnight!

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