What Happens At MUNs, Does Not Stay At MUNs

MUNs have become the new “cool” these days. With various different institutions organizing their own editions of MUNs, and people losing it for the social events and (because it’s classic of Pakistanis to jump on bandwagons), this is all you see on social media and all you hear about in your schools and colleges.

Here’s what actually happens when you attend an MUN conference;

1. You learn to rephrase an idea in a million different ways.

Day 1: We firmly believe that terrorism is dangerous for us and therefore should be wiped off the face of earth.

Day 2: Terrorism has had a negative impact on the global economy and needs to be eliminated ASAP.

Day 3: We need to stand united against terrorism if we are to put an end to it.

Yes, we get it. Thank you.


2. You’ve developed a taste for those abominable MUN jokes and pick up lines.


Source: munplanet.com

3. You’ve come to hate exaggerated metaphors.

“Let’s not throw down our weapons against terrorism..” and “…so the world can be a garden of peace” and what not. There will always be a couple of people who throw metaphors at you in every sentence, and you’re just like:

dha today

Source: dhatoday.com

4. AND people who just never stop talking.

You’d think they have some kind of a medical condition that doesn’t allow them to put their hand down, or keep their mouth shut.

city meme

Unless you’re that kid.

Source: tribune.com.pk

5. If you can write a paper with 6828 people shouting in your ears, there’s nothing you can’t do.


Source: parhlo.com

6. You now know a thing or two about global politics and international relations;

So going back to school like:


Source: lumun.lums.edu.pk

7. Hoping you’ll get to sit in the actual UN someday.

But until that happens, MUN’s for life.

close enough

This explains why some people just don’t retire.

With the MUN season going on in full swing, brace yourselves for the (not so) rigorous debate, a lot of BS, and a barrage of pictures on social media (because what else do we go to MUNS for?).

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