What Happened When Famous Pakistanis Used ‘How Old Do I Look’?

And our celebrities decided to take the ‘How Old Do I Look’ test… Whoops!

Mathira’s ‘Gujji Gujji Muah’ Worked Well On The Age Guessing Robot!

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Imran Khan Yet Again Pleads For Tabdeeli!

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Tahir Shah – Deceiving Eyes Failed To Work This Time!


The Test Made Veena Malik Burst Into Tears!

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Meera Ji – Robot, Oh No You Didn’t!

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Asif Ali Zardari – The Test Didn’t Bother Him Much

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Maya Khan – As Over Excited As Ever, Till She Realized…

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Amir Liaquat – Dude, Seriously?


Sahir Lodhi – Gender, Spot On! Rest, Not Sure If They Guessed The Age or Weight!


Waqar Zakka – Things We Do For Getting Things Right (Read:Gaining Attention)!

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