Here's What Being in a Relationship Means to a Pakistan Man

Here’s What Being in a Relationship Means to a Pakistan Man

Here's What Being in a Relationship Means to a Pakistan Man

Relationships, well, they have their blacks and whites, don’t you think? Be it a serious commitment, engagement or marriage, changes happen in a man’s life, but sometimes, they don’t know how well they resonate with the personality.

We Asked Married, Engaged and Committed Pakistani Men What Changes They Experience After Settling Down in a Relationship

While some of the answers were pretty hilarious, others show how the presence of someone they love can make them evolve into a better person. These answers were given some reasoning as well which one may relate to as well.

1. “Well, You Definitely Can’t Think About Being With Someone Else.”

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And that is not a bad thing (most of the times, hehe). When you experience the love of someone who is willing to see your flaws and deal with them, you really want to return the favor by being their one and only.

2. “Um…Things Just Suddenly Change, Especially After Being Engaged.”

There’s so much responsibility to look after when two families tie the knot with us. There are things you need to do for your own family and for the spouse’s family as well. Sometimes you may not agree with them, but you do it for the sake of your love.

3. “You Have to Share your Food, Goddamit!”

Women want everything…even your food, even when you don’t want to share your food. Even when they are mad at you, they would want a bite of your food.

4. “Your Expenses Increase A Lot.”

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If you spent 10,000rs one month, you would be spending 30,000 with a significant other. You have to spend it on her, on different festivities, you have to add spice in your relationship and you’d have to go out together, gift her the things she loves and sometimes, you even have to spend on her family (on festivals such as Eid).

5. “Time with Your Guys Reduces and Well, That’s Not Cool.”

You’d have to spend less time with the guys because one, she is always asking for your attention and two, things change. Single friends don’t usually understand what it is like to be with someone because a lot of things are happening in life and they require our attention. Suddenly, you just have to grow up.

6. “Sucks When you are Torn Between her and Your Parents.”

Both relationships hold a lot of importance and sometimes you have to compromise on one to side on another.

Giving in the independence and choosing to settle means a lot to some men in Pakistan. But as one man said, “when you go home from a long day at work and see your wife’s face, it instantly calms your mood.” 

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