This Is What An Introvert Wants All Extroverts To Know About Them!

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“You are so quiet” is something that I’m reminded of every time I meet someone new. What I don’t like about hearing that sentence, is that it’s always said in a negative way. I’m without a doubt an introvert and have been labelled as shy for as long as I can remember. I didn’t choose to be so shy, and if I could be more extroverted, I would be. What I want to say is that being an introvert is not a bad thing.

Introverts Are Just Selective About Their Company

I am an introvert. I love being by myself. Love being outdoors. Love taking long walks with my thoughts and looking at the plants, flowers, and sky. The people closest to me see me in a different light. I guess I can say that there are very few people who see the real me. I choose to only show the real me to people who I feel comfortable with. I also know that this is the case with a lot of my friends who are also introverts like me.

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We Introverts Pay Close Attention To Nature

It’s not that I’m choosing not to speak to someone, I just won’t say anything if I don’t have anything to say. I am an artist who loves to live in an imaginary world. A plant lover who deeply enjoys the joy of witnessing blooming flowers and leaves and a philosopher that sometimes goes into a very deep conversation that no one can take her out of for quite a while, not unless she herself wants to.

We Are Not Opposed To Socialising. We Socialise When You Initiate Conversations!

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that a person is anti-social. I have a social circle and an anti-social life as well. I love to travel and exploring new places just like you do.

I recently started a new job and worked on many art pages and had a great conversation with one of my coworkers. He never once came up to me to remind me of how quiet I am, but instead just talked to me like a normal person. I happily conversed with him.

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He later told me that people have told him that I was kind of quiet. I explained to him that I don’t usually start converse much. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good chat with someone. I, being an introvert, had a great time talking to an extrovert like him especially because I didn’t initiate the conversation myself. I love a good conversation, but starting small talk with when I don’t have anything to say is just something I don’t do. The same goes for most introverts out there. This isn’t because we tell ourselves not to; it’s something that is built in our personalities.

We Appreciate The Efforts You Make

It was refreshing to see someone understand that just because I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me. As silly and insignificant as it sounds, I really appreciated the effort on other people’s parts.

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More often than not, I don’t fit in with most people because, every now and then, I hear bad things about me being quiet. This is something I have come to accept over time since shyness is seen as a bad thing. It’s honestly just the lack of confidence sometimes, but it’s never seen that way. Introverts generally find socialising very exhausting, and as much as we’d like to participate more, we find it very hard to do so.

It’s Not You, It’s Us

Talking to new people or to the ones with whom I am not comfortable with is not the reason for me being introverted. In fact, the main reason is that I enjoy more time alone with myself.

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I read a book called Quiet by an author named Susan Cain, which is great for anyone learning to accept their introverted self. We have a lot of good qualities, but forget them when all we are being told is that we’re too quiet. I really recommend this book to any introvert that is constantly being criticised for not participating more in social gatherings.

Accept Introverts The Way You Accept Extroverts, Please

Being an introvert is not a bad thing at all just like being an extrovert isn’t. They are simply personality traits. Being introverted is something that is part of me that I can’t change, and won’t change for the approval of others.

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If you are an introvert then remember that there is nothing wrong with you.  For the extroverts that are reading this: try starting a conversation with a quiet person. They might appreciate the effort despite them being shy, and you’ll be surprised to see how much they have to say.

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