A Well-Off Pakistani Woman Seen Shop Lifting at a Local Designer and It is Absolutely Absurd

Jaisi awaam, waise hukmiraan,” a phrase which you may hear a lot in terms of the Pakistani people and its politician each time something bad happens in our country.

From our traffic wardens charging challan for no reason just to increase their pocket money to the prices in Ramadan going high so the vendors can earn more, sometimes, the phrase makes all the sense in the world when applied in the mechanics of Pakistani society and its politicians, who are, no lesser corrupts.

This video, which is seen being shared on the internet reveals another side of how corrupt people in our society can be. It includes shoplifting – how two women walked into a shop and robbed the items off the rack without being caught.

A Pakistani Woman Was Seen Shop Lifting at a Designer’s Shop With the Help of Someone

The CCTV video footage reveals that there’s a woman who first adds a kurta from the rack to her shopping bag. She does quickly and in a discrete manner – cautious enough that no one sees her.

Then you will notice that there’s another woman who starts aiding this theft even more. The other woman, who seems like a woman in her 50s starts searching for a dress.

She then selects a dress, picks it from the rack and gives it to the first woman, who then starts repeating the act and steals the entire dress.

Here’s The Link to the Video:

The CCTV footage caught the women on camera and just see how they’ve remarkably made the theft.

It is indeed shocking to see how these well-off women walk into designer shops and fill their bags when they have all the money in the world. Hope they are caught and punished for their crimes.

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