Welcome To The Worldwide Apocalypse As Donald Trump Wins The US Presidential Elections

Yep, the world should’ve ended in 2016.

We weren’t expecting another year of this world’s unjust and vindictive prevalence, but then again, the United States of America just turned the tables.

After the successful tenure of USA’s first black president Barack Obama, Americans were in the most penitent condition (which only Pakistanis have witnessed, jbtw) by having two of the worst options as their next president:

  1. Donald Trump – a bully, misogynist, sexual assaulter and Islamophobic
  2. Hillary Clinton – the mastermind behind wars, a manipulative person who can ruin foreign relations even more

Let’s give you a brief summary of what really happened:

It All Started From Here

Pakistani’s Added Their Touch To The Elections

Not To Forget The Dancing Trump By Geo News

As soon As Trump Took Lead, American Immigrants Lost Their Sh*t and Started Searching For Their Way Out

In The Meanwhile………..

LOL Maybe This Is The Entire Plan Then?

One Facebook Like = One Prayer Type Scene

Nah @ God

For Those Who Think Pakistanis Shouldn’t Be Worried About Who Wins The US Elections

The Muslim Way To Save America

It Is Going Down In The Books of History

If You Think Pakistanis Are Dumb To Give 3 Chances To The Same People, You Are Wrong

Good Mourning, America

Guess His Wish Is Coming True

Yep, Yep

Never in the right minds would’ve anyone ever thought of electing Donald Trump as one of the most powerful countries in the world’s president. Guess USA just wanted to join the race of having their own moment of stupidity following UK’s BREXIT.

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