10 Stressful Habits Of People Who Stress A Lot About Stress Have Under Stress!

Oh, dear Lord, this abundant presence of stress is already giving me a headache, which many usually get under stress…for no reason. People who stress often have habits that show how nervous and worried they are. These habits are voluntary  – they appear as a subliminal message to show how stressful we are.

Everyone has certain habits they do when they are fretting about something. You might not be able to figure this out but since you do it so frequently, you will eventually figure out which habit is your this-is-what-I-do-under-stress.

1. Biting Your Nails


Probably one of the most common activities people under stress do. The sad part is that their nails are never in shape. The good part is that they never need a nail-cutter…

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2. Peeling Their Scab


Uff, itna zulm! *Shivers*

3. Randomly Scratching Here And There


Just to hide how anxious one is, they start scratching themselves. This just…happens.

4. Biting Lips


For people who do this habit under stress, it is common to have bruised, red lips.

5. Clenched Fists


Some people clench their fists so tightly that they actually start hurting their palms with the fingernails. Given so, under stress, none of it even hurts…

6. Pacing Around Rigorously


They walk here and there because they think they will walk off their stress…I am not even kidding.

7. Plucking Their Hair Strands


I never imagined someone would go through the pain of plucking their own hair under stress until I saw a number of people doing it. Man, it looks SO PAINFUL!

8. Eating, Eating, And Eating!


Eating their stress away, tbh.

9. Getting Hyper Or Speaking Too Much


It is just their way of hiding their stress. They overreact and overtalk.

10. Sweating


It is uncontrollable. Can’t even blame them for feeling this way.

Stress can be very, very exerting when you have these habits that consume a lot of energy. Wish all of us were laid-back types, tbh.

Do you know of any other habits that people have when they’re stressed? If so, do let us know!

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