‘From 120 kgs to 72 kgs’ This Inspiring Girl Lost 48 kgs In Just Two Years

Weightloss Girl Story

Talk about stereotypes. People who are overweight (let’s be careful of our vocabulary) they get to face a lot of issues whilst dealing with people. “Oho, kya khaati ho?” “Shaadi kaun krega?” “Bemaar ho?” are the commonly asked rhetorical questions – more like remarks – that people give upon seeing an obese person. “Oh, yeh toh bohat funny hoga from his looks!” is another stereotype associated with an overweight person. As if, behind that perceived image, the concept of the other carrying emotions and sensitivity is totally lost. As if they have never seen themselves, or have been unaware of their physical attributes all that long.

You seriously need to end this behavior. It’s problematic and illiterate. But, on the other hand, we have some really amazing people who didn’t let bullies get to them and went on with their motives in life at large. One of those people is this well-known blogger named Haddiya giving us major goals by losing 48 Kgs in just two years!

Her journey

She says, “Weight loss isn’t easy, and it’s not something you can achieve overnight. It’s a change in your LIFESTYLE.
Stay determined to achieve your goal, determination, and consistency is the key.”

Aftereffects of losing too much weight

“Having lost 44 kgs in total, I feel like a new person, but let me tell you all that weight loss comes with a package. It’s not just weight loss, it’s hair loss also, the complexion becomes dull, I have become extremely pale even though I take my supplements, multivitamins, and greens. So if you are on a weight loss journey or planning to,

Bashing and bullying

This woman has done some amazing work. And it shows clearly. She overstepped all the bullies all her life with a fighter’s attitude and it is something serious to learn from, “These pictures are for all those who are bashing me over and over again only because they think I got “patlee” only to wear revealing clothes. Firstly, it’s my personal choice of what to wear what not to wear, secondly, I don’t seek permission from you, I only seek my husband’s approval.”


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These pictures are for all those who are bashing me over and over again only because they think I got “patlee” only to wear revealing clothes. Firstly, it’s my personal choice what to wear what not to wear, secondly I dont seek permission from you, I only seek my husband’s approval. All our lives our mothers and elder sisters tell us to do what our husband likes, to please them and to dress up according to how they want. Am I wrong ???? It is exactly what I am doing, I’m dressing up the way he wants me to. And not to forget “main nangay honay k lie patlee nahe hue” It is my personal choice how to dress up, So please mind your own business ✋✋ #socialincblog #transformation #health #person #me #lifestyle #healthylifestyle

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Power-couple that made everything right

Couples who support each other make their lives living heaven. Read the caption in the link to see how they have supported each other through thick and thin.


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Never forget who you are and where you have come from. Never let success and achievements make you arrogant and proud. Proudly accept your failures and down time, learn from them and always have faith in the Highest Power. We both have supported each other in good and bad times, thats what a marriage is all about, that’s what makes your relationship stronger. Money and man made materialism can not buy you happiness. Someone asked @aazerdurrani what he saw when he got married to me, because ofcourse people here only look at the appearance of their spouse, he answered “I saw the person she is, I couldn’t have found a better partner.” 🧿 🧿 . . #socialincblog #transformation #health #person #me #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #couple #healthiswealth #coupletransformation

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The unsolicited questions

From her man’s gaining weight to herself losing some

Her pre & post-surgery pictures of losing extra skin


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3 week post surgery update The left picture shows my saggy lower tummy just before the surgery and the right picture shows post surgery results. Can’t believe it myself that I could have a flat tummy. I had a bulging tummy all my life, even before getting married. This is a miracle, thanks to my Doctors at @antiage.lifestyle.clinic who were extremely supportive during and post surgery, answering all my questions. I’m loving the results. *please note that the final results will take at least three months* I was way too excited to show you guys the 3 week update. . . #socialincblog #transformation #postsurgery #tummytuck #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #healthylifestyle #beforeandafterweightloss

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Her latest look

Without a doubt, this woman is a goal to many. In fact, the couple, their support for each other, makes their story all the more inspiring. It is simply beautiful to find people you can count on, people you can trust. And it’s rare to find them.

Body-shaming, no doubt, has been quite prevalent in our society. From people we meet in everyday life to people we see on TV, all have been subjected to it. While some learned how to cope with them, some found a way to get rid of the reason for bullying.

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