This Pakistani Website Is Giving A New Meaning To Online Shopping

This Pakistani Website Is Giving A New Meaning To Online Shopping Without Any Hassle!

E-commerce is one of the largest growing fields in the world. Every single day, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world opt for online shopping in a bid to find their favorite product for a lower price than they would in the market. To cater the masses, a huge number of web portals have started operation all over the world.

One Pakistani startup with the name of is working towards making online shopping an extremely easy experience for Pakistanis all around the world. The website is designed for customer feasibility in such a manner that one can find anything they want to without any hassle.


Initially starting with technologic items, the website plans on growing its cache and increasing the versatility of products. People who shop online, know what a buzzkill it is to not find your desired item on a website. The website is currently in beta phase and the system is learning and growing based on user inputs.

The website wants to remove all these barriers from online shopping in Pakistan and become the leading online shopping platform because of the ease it brings to customers. Let’s suppose, if a customer is looking for a cell phone, online, the first thing they would do is Google its price in Pakistan. Then, you would find a number of links with different prices but nobody giving you the right rates, taking a lot of time and effort.


Pakistani stores, however, plans to rid that scourge for good. When you open the website, the homepage welcomes you asking, ‘Looking for something?’ – Let’s suppose, you’re looking for an iPhone 7 (Red) and you’ve been hearing about all these different rates in Pakistan. The website will then take you to the search page, providing you with the best prices for all the versions (different storage capacity), from different e-commerce portals, with just one click – making the experience pleasant and fast.

The website plans on growing with time, but for now, their customers are already loving the quick-response they get from the website. You can set your price range and the order of products you want as well.

Well, I know where I’m buying the latest tech products next, what about you?

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