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There was a time when people would rejoice their results and complain of their grades in Urdu. During my childhood days, I wondered about Razia Butt, a renowned Urdu writer, and thought that she scored a 100/100 in Urdu (Bichhray Lamhay, autobiography of Razia Butt, Page # 108). But she appeared as writer afterwards. Today, we decry the appalling state of Urdu language because it is losing popularity in youngsters. We are found in search of contemporary Intizar Hussains and Moulvi Abdul Haqs. People, too are bagging cent percent in Urdu. Are we witnessing the same thing as in case of Razia Butt?

One thing is being placed in oblivion. This is Pakistan and we have a system (pun wasn’t intended, though). The system of education, which encounters the constant blinkered and the prejudiced behavior attired in abusive praise through which our lads and lasses come up triumphantly; demolishing and cracking all the system with almost 99.99% marks—a recent 504/505 in Gujranwala Secondary Board gathered accolades for it. Yes! Why it should not come when all contemporary parents want their children to be a number-making supremo.

The hell awaits the content, concepts and holistic learning. We want scores. This will keep happening when policy-makers coming from a pool of highly competitive ones cut deals with mafias and will just work unwillingly and in short-runs. This should happen when a legion of politicians use mudslinging to win hearts of masses, when governments find it necessary to publish ads to their vote bank satisfied. This will happen when public servants fulfill their duty of defying their antagonists instead of minding their own business. This will happen when underachievers take on reins of your future by bringing in worst books of their business allies, in name of educational reforms.

This will happen when qualified professors and renowned scientists trot the statements day in and day out to malign their community members. This will happen when stables are established in schools and colleges are used as banqueting sites. This will happen when parliament resonates with voices of impeccable illiterates, proving our chosen ones as the banters and wrestlers. Just forget it all.


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We just have an examination system marked with perfectionism (excuse me! mind you). Sports and extra-curricular acts (being the part and parcel) of this learning process are usually put on back burner. Because the grounds and clubs are playing their role in the making of Paris (specially borrowed from ‘Rome was not built in a day’).

Time and again, news come of some underprivileged toppers. Some of them are usually riksha-drivers, confectioners, or those working on daily wagers. But my question is, can only affluent top the universities or boards? Okay. Why they top the Arts or Humanities only? Can’t they excel in sciences? They can and could. But we have made scientific education too expensive. People would say why they cannot go to cheaper institutions. Yes, they can’t go there because these are cheaper in the real sense of the word. Stepping in government schools gives us chills to marrow but availing a sarkari job would be a dream of many.

How baffling and heart-rending is the spectacle to see the interviewees following the queues, when you know that lists of selected candidates have already arrived from upper crust and this is just foolery. In all this, intelligentsia has nothing to look forward to and so shuttling to foreign lands. In other words: Our bureaucracy or puppeteers are in making, as we are accustomed to avail imported things. So the trick to become an ace-holder is rote-memorization. Score as much as you can because if poor has to parallel the counterpart, they should have something. Changing the policies requires you to pass through same system and then reach those revered flag-hoisted houses where your fate is determined. Chanting the ‘All is well’ rejoinder to all crises won’t hold water. Mere proclaiming every macho; be in sports, science, politics, film, your ‘Pakistani-born’ and going gaga over it is not justifiable.

Today, people should revisit their views and concepts about the life standards. Relying on the hackneyed ones viz. ‘like people-like leader’ won’t work. Likewise, staying for somebody having elixir to all our ills, too, isn’t an appreciable approach. Why are we just restricting our nation in the race of 2-time-meals and finding their abducted ones. Why we are not doing anything for it? Ask it yourself with no shrugs; no indifference; no blames please. Lastly, please do not follow the bandwagons otherwise thinking of your future will send shivers down your spine.  May Pakistan prosper!


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