We Reject Apology Letter Of So-Called 'Angrez' Of Café Cannoli & Oh God, Check Out The Errors!

We Reject Apology Letter Of So-Called ‘Angrez’ Of Café Cannoli & Oh God, Check Out The Errors!

Café Cannoli Errors apology letter

Simply ironic how the owners of the high-end eatery ‘Cannoli Café Soul’ of the capital city insulted their employee over his failure to speak English yet their own apology letter has an abundance of grammatical errors. Not to forget the use of the phrase ‘gup shup’ – it is not even an English phrase but okay.

Islamabad’s restaurant has been under fire after an appalling video went viral on social media. In the video, the women condescendingly ask the manager Awais Altaf to speak a line or two in English. He manages to respond but only for the women to mock and humiliate him for his ‘broken language’.

The women – who proudly introduced themselves as Uzma and Dia – can be seen making classist remarks towards their manager Awais, who apparently has been working for them for the last nine years. On the other hand, the manager may not know English very well, but he certainly displayed more manners, politeness, and humility than those women.

After facing a crapload of backlash, the café owners on Thursday an apology later on Instagram defending themselves. Apparently, they believe that people ‘misconstrued their banter with a team member’. But in reality, it is rather them who have ‘misconstrued’ the gravity of their unacceptable conduct.

Let’s take a look at their apology letter

Meanwhile, a thorough evaluation of grammatical and other mistakes in the official apology issued by the notorious café gave birth to an award-winning irony.

Oh, boy! The number of errors…

Check out this tweet. According to this user, first of all, you see the use of the ‘reaction of the people’ in the first line? Well, according to Grammarly, it may be too ‘wordy’.

From unnecessary use of the comma, two independent clauses, to weak writing, the apology letter of Café Cannoli warmly embraces a dozen of grammatical errors.

Shaniera Akram, an Australian social worker, and the wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram lashed out at owners over insulting the manager for his failure to speak English. In fact, she also challenged them for an ‘English’ competition.

Given the number of grammatical errors these two so-called English experts displayed in their apology, they are bound to lose. LOL!

PM says doesn’t want to disrespect the masses by talking in English

Taking note of the incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that he does not use English phrases in public because it would be disrespectful to the majority of Pakistani citizens who do not speak or understand the language.

The social stigma attached with the limited Pakistani population that had the privilege of attending English medium schools continues taking pride in the language which is not even theirs. 

Meanwhile, people are trying to reach out to the manager in order to help him get out of his toxic workplace, and find a new job. Many job offers have been pouring in for the victim.

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