#WeMetOnTwitter: These Pakistanis are Sharing How They Met The Love of Their Life on Twitter!

Trillions of strangers each day, meet new people on the famous social media platform Twitter, putting up their thoughts in words and getting retweets in return. However, there is more to the platform then only interacting. Recently, a hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter is getting rage where couples shared how this forum knew only for “Keyboard Jihadis” lead them to meet their better halves.

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None could in their sane minds think that a difficult word written in English would pave the way for them to meet their soul mate. Although for this guy, it did. Complying the law of being a gentleman and approaching a girl, first he DM’s his now wife to ask regarding the word Philocalist and now he calls her his “partner for life”. This cute love story has stood out amongst all the other and is currently giving Twitter a meltdown.


7 years ago, he met his wife on the same platform and now they are husband and wife. A Twitterarti named Tigershah26 shared his love story by putting up a picture of him and his wife sharing some PDA moments.


Just like everyone else, who prefer other forums while searching for a partner, she did too not thought that Twitter was the place where she was destined to meet her hubby. A random conversation that started 7 years ago, is now her best memory of having a happy married life. Well, it’s rightly said that you could never know when would the cupid hit you both and later tie you in a sacred bond of marriage.


We follow many people but never do we look at them as someone who could later in life be our potential husband or wife. In some cases, it can be weird to do so. Nonetheless, for her the follow button lead her to follow the path of love and met her now husband. Back in 2010, they followed each other and then decided to meet in person. This Twitter friendship grew into a feeling of love for each other. Back in 2016, they exchanged their” I love yous” after their nikkah.


For all those who are single and jealous of them, then kindly don’t be because you never know when you are destined to meet your other half. Thus, keep your hopes high. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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