The Taste of Victory Has Never Been This Sweet -We Love You #TeamGreen

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The taste of victory has never been this sweet. It’s 5.30 is in the morning at a place where I live & the scenes of Pakistan’s win against India from yesterday’s Champion Trophy final are still flashing in my mind.

I want to register a message for my #TeamGreen of our remarkable Nation. You guys have made us proud. Breaking the shackles of losing against the arch rival in major ICC tournaments is one thing, but this victory is much more special than just that.

It’s going to go down in the history books as one of the greatest matches that the game has ever produced. And believe me when I say it, this shall be used as a reference for as long as the game of cricket lives.

Source: India TV

Pakistan is a country that thrives on emotions. The emotions run in our veins especially when it comes to cricket. For a nation, who’s been deprived of international cricket in their own backyard for almost 10 years, producing such a majestic win on a foreign turf that too against one of the top cricketing teams is nothing less than fabulous.

The entire tournament has been like a fairy tale for Pakistan. Written off after the first game and kept getting called as the underdogs. This to me though is no upset.

Ours is one of the most unpredictable teams of cricket, and on a good day, we can stamp our authority on any great side by winning in style, just like we did against South Africa, Srilanka, England in the semis and India in the finals.

Source: The Indian Express

Be it Fakhar Zaman’s thump in the air after His maiden international century, be it Azhar Ali’s composed knock for his half century, be it Hafeez’s sheer timing and class for his blinder of an innings towards the end, be it Aamir’s furious unplayable spell, be it Shadab’s conviction, be it Hassan Ali’s enthusiasm or be it the prostration of gratitude by the lads after winning, we have loved every moment of it and these moments shall be preserved in our memories for the longest time. You guys showed us that with Faith and Belief, no barriers are hard enough to cross.

With that said, it’s not always going to be the sunshine, it’s a funny game, after all, we will win some and lose some, we might criticize you at times as well, but we will hold the love for you in our hearts forever, and keep supporting you through thick and thin. We will fight together and we will win together, but we shall never give up on you.

Team Pakistan! The entire nation is proud of you and we love you from the bottom of our hearts.


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