We Found The Secret To Pakistan’s Success And It Is Something We Already Knew

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If we look at the west and the well-developed countries leading the world, we see the success they have achieved in every aspect of life.

What is it that they are doing differently to be up there in almost every field of life? What is the key to their success?

We have seen over the years from the ancient times till now that only knowledge and education have made it possible for the human race to be as successful as we are now, but if we look at the success of human race globally, it’s unbalanced. Not every country in the world is fortunate enough the see the success the west has seen or is seeing.

For instance, I would like to mention here the Middle East and the South East Asia. People living in these regions are not fortunate enough to get the quality education and by that, I mean the kind of education that a nation needs to prosper in the world and to compete with the world.

The Difference Between the Educational System in Pakistan and In America

For starters, you would think that its stupid to compare the educational system of Pakistan and America or the west but actually, it’s not. Here’s why:

Back in 1875, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan made a college named Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College which was based on the educational system of the Great Britain.

The question is, why did he do that? This is because he saw what we are not able to see till now, which is that the education we are providing to our youth is not as good as the education the west provides to their youth.

What is Wrong With our Educational System?


Source: ILM.COM.PK

Our education has become a cycle of: pass the exams, get a high GPA and eventually a degree, right? This is not how it should be.

Our system hands our youth with the books they have to “memorize”, without telling them the real purpose of the knowledge and education. We are TOLD that “getting a high GPA is everything” you need in order to be successful.

Our Education System Gives No Application of Knowledge


Source: GNBC

Our education system never prepares us to use the knowledge that is written in books we use to pass the exams. In reality, most of the times, they are never used.

We need to understand that the learning process practiced from centuries is going to produce human machines that store data and information. We will not develop any scientist or other experts who can actually go on to invent something new because we are never taught anything new.

We memorize everything without having any idea about applications of what we are trying to “learn”. We are far behind the rest of world.

 The major difference between the educational system of west and Pakistan is that, “The study pattern over there is different, over here the education is based on the books but in America, it’s based on the researchers.”– Dania, a 16-year-old Pakistani resident who visited John’s Hopkins University in America.

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