We FINALLY Tried The PKR 25,000 Cake At Marcel’s And Here’s Our Verdict!

We all know how tempted we all can get in Ramadan by looking at food pictures and videos! Well, Karachiites have been blessed with yet another place, first of its kind called MARCEL’S. Marcel’s takes its name after a world traveler, food researcher, Marcel Le Roux, born in Paris. Marcel, for the love of food, went through France, Italy, China and USA to pick the finest delicacies from these places. And, his recent stop is KARACHI!!


So, if you’re in Karachi and if you’re a member of any famous food groups, you must know by now that one thing at Marcel’s has got everyone talking! Yup, it’s the PKR 25,000 chocolate cake.

25,000. One cake. Three zeros. Let that sink in.

And PKR 3,125 per slice!

And so…team Parhlo decided to try it!

Here’s what this masterpiece has inside!

Valrhona Chocolate Royal Crunch Cake



Made with the finest chocolate, with layers of rich chocolate sponge, with crunchy hazelnut Praline flakes. Covered with a velvety smooth dark chocolate cream & and an ice-cream-like topping. The chocolate raspberry mousse melts in the mouth. Lastly, it is finished with a dark chocolate glaze and edible gold leaf. Crafted with thirty hours labor of pure love.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours was too when we saw the hype on social media and the drool-worthy pictures!! A team of 8 people from Parhlo went to Marcel’s located at Boat Basin, Karachi, to try out this beauty! And the one thing we couldn’t stop asking was, “What is the hype/fuss all about?” Being a bunch of crazy, hardcore foodies, it was time to find out!

We entered the place after stuffing ourselves with pizza for iftar and well, we were ready for dessert because there’s always room for dessert. ALWAYSS! Anyway, the place was oh-so-fancy and yeah, to be honest, we were kinda under-dressed (take notes). Once we were seated, we placed our order.  And while we were there for the ‘Mehnga Tareen Cake of Pakistan’ we decided we want to try at least 5 other desserts too because why not.

As we saw the server approaching our table with the dessert in his hands, our eyes widened and were locked on the dessert. It was BEAUTIFUL. It was PERFECT. In fact, PICTURE-PERFECT. The mehnat was pretty evident and we didn’t want to ruin it. But, we HAD to, unfortunately. And… we dug right in! DESTRUCTION!


First bite, and we could taste the chocolate raspberry mousse. We get how one would like a fruity kick with dark chocolate but it was a bit too much for us. Um, so it was less chocolate and more raspberry. The taste was more on the bitter side, almost all of the team members agreed to it. Most of us like to believe we have a palate sophisticated enough to enjoy dark chocolate but this was a major karwa alert! moment. The crunch layer made with hazelnut praline was hands down everyone’s favorite!

Apart from this fancy cake, we ordered a few more of their desserts and guess what? The star of the night was ELEONORE – their decadent, extremely rich, Oreo Cheesecake! Oh, boy! How the sweetness, the saltiness was perfectly balanced! We loved and devoured every bite of it and we just wanted more. Our favorite!


TADAAAAA! The Winner!!!


So, waiting for our verdict? Here it is. Watch the video!

We FINALLY tried the 25,000rs Cake at Marcel’s!

Is it worth the hype? Let's find out…

Posted by Parhlo Food on Friday, May 25, 2018


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