This Girl Suggests How We Can Save Planet Earth!


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This article was originally submitted by Aliya Kazmi

Earth is a very complete creation of one of God’s finest miracles. What makes earth different from all other planets in the planet system is that it has life on it.

Life is something which gives a higher meaning to this planet. Everything we have on earth is a personification of life itself and that is why only we need to protect the planet in order to make the life in it livelier. Every living being, resources and other natural creations on earth need to be taken care of in an adequate way so that we can save our planet from all the bad consequences.

Unfortunately, already our planet is on the verge of harmful setbacks like pollution, deficiency of natural resources, diseases, natural disasters, etc. We need to save our planet from all these problems so that the living beings on earth continue to lead a happy and healthy life altogether.

Firstly, to save our planet, we need to save it biggest resource which is water.

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Importance of having water in reserve can be analyzed by the fact that prophesiers have prophesized that the next world war in the world would be fought to acquire most water reservoirs. Water can be saved by adopting a better lifestyle which should not only be adopted by a few people but every inhabitant of the earth. We should try to minimize our water needs and learn to recycle it. Mostly at homes, people try to do water work with tap water running continuously, this we should not do. We should try to make our activities as less water consuming as possible.

Similar to water consumption, we should also try to buy products that can be recycled; so that we can save our earth from litter and garbage. We should try to use paper bags instead of polythene bags because they can be recycled and are environment friendly. Moreover, products like utensils, clothes, etc for other uses and we should also try to buy products; which can be recycled after use. Also, less shopping eventually leads to less consumption of resources. Instead of wrapping papers, we should try to wrap gifts with fancy clothes and ribbons; which are not only beautiful but are environmentally friendly too.

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The best service which we can do to our planet and indeed to our moral selves is growing plants. In addition, we should also try to use environmentally-friendly vehicles such as bicycles to work and study because they do not spread pollution smoke, unlike all the other vehicles. We should try to grow as many plants as possible to reduce pollution and spreading greenery around. Buying less saves your time and your planet.

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We should also save our earth by saving resources such as electricity and oil.

I believe we should try to find other alternative energies instead; so that we consume these energies to a lesser extent. For example, we should turn on our TVs, stereos, computers, lights, fans and ACs; when we are not actually using them instead of running them on standbys. Engineers should try to find new means to generate energy through solar energy of hydropower so that we can have less harmful effects and more technology.

Oil consumption should also be reduced by finding new ideas, for example, running cars on water. This reduction will not only enable us to save our planet but reduce our expenses as well. We can also cut down our oil requirement by driving our cars at a lower speed.

Our planet earth is a very delicate gift for us which we should take care of; so that we can give the privilege of living in it to our later generations as well. We should try to follow these useful tips because they can be very helpful to save our planet.

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