We Bet You Didn’t Know About These Beautiful Handicrafts Of Pakistan

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The fun part of going deep into the bustling bazaars’ of Multan, Pakistan to find their star handicrafts is unique, to say the least; sorry, it’s not our favorite Oppo f9 pro cell phone.

1. Kashi Kari

Source: Twitter

Multan’s Blue pottery or ‘Kashi’ originated somewhere in the Turkish-Iranian belt. Multan is the city that has been around since Alexander’s time has perfected the art of painting blue patterns on white clay utensils. Some say this style of painting is also available in Jaipur, India. Now the artisans are experimenting with colors beyond blue and to tell you the truth — it’s equally lovely. I still like the blue work better.

2. Ralli


Ralli or Rilli embroidered quilts are mostly in shades of red and are typical of interior Sindh. I’ve found masterpieces in the Ghantaghar (Clocktower) bazaar of Sukkhar, which are Rembrandts’ in their league. The best bedspread is the one that has a story to tell. These quilts would have village people, animals, and utensils all depicted in one big embroidered quilt cover; it’s gorgeous.

3. Camel Skin Lamps

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Multan Camel skin lamps radiate a soft glow, whatever the wattage of the bulb inside. Couple that with the elaborate patterns painted on top, these lamps are a very pleasing article for your living room.

4. Jade And Stone Figurines

Source: Blog

Jade & stone figurines of Karachi not only look good on your trinket stand, they also said to bring good luck in the Buddhist faith. Who would mind extra space in heaven for a few hundred rupees, huh? The stone chess board and samovar teapots are definitely worth buying.

5. Wood Figurines

Source: CuboImages

Wood figurines, tools, and pots from Sillahwali town have unique patterns carved on their surface. The best of the lot is the bulls’ figures, which I guess they have specialized on.

6. Mache Jewelry Box

Source: Papier Mache Box

Kashmiri paper Mache jewelry boxes are a sight for sore eyes. The intricate designs are nowhere to be found, except in Muzaffarabad.

7. Red-Salt Stone

Source: Golden View Traders

The red-salt stone objects from Khewra Salt mines look very nice in your bedroom. These rocks are carved and converted to bedside lamps as well. They give off a beautiful red glow to the room and also ease the breathing of residents with asthma. One salt piece that is shaped like a cross on a tombstone has a macabre appeal like none other.

8. Handcrafted Telstar-18

Source: soccerinmymind.com

Lastly, the living room would be incomplete without a handcrafted Telstar-18 world cup fame football (soccer) from Sialkot.

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