‘We Are Sorry Zainab’ – An Open Letter to Zainab From A Common Pakistani Girl

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These pages are from the copy of a 7-year-old girl with big dreams. The girl who played with her favorite doll in her spare time, without knowing that one day she will be thrown in a heap of garbage just like a rag doll.

These words you see were scribbled by an innocent 7-year-old with big eyes that carried even bigger dreams. She loved to read and write. She could have been your doctor one day, or maybe not. She could have flown a plane one day, or could have become a savage lawyer and stood up to fight for the rights of girls like her. Or maybe not.

Source: Maverick Pakistanis

She was very particular about her homework copy being sparkly clean. One by one she jotted down on 4th January 2018 about herself on her copy; thinking that her teacher would like to know about her when she reads it. Little did she know how was she going to be introduced to the whole world just a couple of days later.

“Zainab, now that you’re gone;

I am sorry Zainab. We all are.”

Source: The Nation

We all forgot the #2015KasurIncident after a few days of protest on social media like it never happened. I am sorry Zainab. The hungry MPAs of our country were more concerned about making the victims of those hundreds of innocent children escape the justice somehow, and we the Pakistani nation kept quiet. I am sorry Zainab. We are too engrossed in celebrating the marriage of a guy marrying two best friends in our regular days, so we don’t wake up unless or until a girl like you is left tattered in a heap of rubbish.

I am sorry Zainab. Many of us have already started to move on with their lives. I am sorry Zainab that our political leaders are still telling us to calm down. I am sorry how they are trying to normalize your death. I am deeply sorry Zainab. All of us are too absorbed in our own lives to think about yours. You are gone Zainab and I will miss you. I hope everyone else misses you too. I hope they never sleep a peaceful sleep until your murderer is caught. I hope none of us rests until then. ”


A Fortunate Pakistani Girl with a tad better fate

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