Thank You Mom For Giving Me Life – 12 Ways To Show Her You care!

Thank you mom for giving me life

Mothers day was on 12th May and time has gone by since then. If you weren’t able to thank your mother and make her feel special on Mothers day then don’t worry you can do a lot more. If you are lucky enough to have your mother with you understand that she is one of the only people who will always be there for you.

She not only is the reason you are alive but she has made you into the person you are. She has spent countless nights worrying about you. Your mother changed so many of your diapers. She also allowed you to feed off of her through her milk. She has done so much for you, so the least you can do is show how much you appreciate her.

We all love our mother and we know it best. But what we feel is only known to us and god and you cannot expect your mother to know it magically. Sometimes we forget this and don’t show her the proper emotions she deserves. So, keeping in the spirit of mothers day month. I have devised a list of 20 things that you can start doing from today to show your mother how much you love her.

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1. Say ” Thank you mom for giving me life “

This might seem like a weird thing to say to your mother but trying saying it once. The expression she will give you would be the best thing ever. Although this expression would be of confusion. When you expand this and tell her how wonderful she is, this will certainly make her day.

2. Say “I love you, mom”

A simple I love you goes a long way, you don’t always have to make grand gestures. A mothers love knows no bounds. So, what might seem like a simple I love you to you is a big gesture to her because she never expects anything in return of the love she gives.

3. Tell her she is amazing.

Tell her how beautiful and strong she is. You can randomly tell her this and look at your beloved mother blush. Although seeing her turn red is the best feeling you could get but telling her she is amazing when she does something for you is what I would recommend. Instead just saying “Thank you”, say something better and be specific.

Humaima malick with her mother

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4. Sing to her

This might get a little cringy and she might even say “Chup kar ja pagal” (Shush, idiot) but this is the cutest thing you can do. She will blush and you can get a wonderful reaction from the love of your life.

5. Call her and tell her, you love her

If you are unlucky and you don’t live with your mother but you still want to show love then just call her. Calling her up in the middle of the day and telling her that you love her will surely brighten up her day and yours as well.

6. Get her some flowers

Almost every mother loves some type of flower. Whatever your mother likes, just get her a single flower and write a note along with it about how much you appreciate her.

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7. Get her a gift

If you don’t think that flowers are something she would enjoy get her something she would. It could be as cheap as chocolates or as expensive as a necklace or a ring. Whatever you get your mother she will take it with feeling like the happiest person on earth, that I guarantee you!

8. Make her breakfast

I am guessing your mother makes breakfast for everyone every day. Well for a change you, make her breakfast. Tell your mom to relax and whip up something you know is her favorite. This is one good way to see that smile that lights up the whole world.

9. Make her dinner

Being on the topic of cooking things I think dinner is one of the best things you can cook to give your mother some time to relax. I am pretty sure she is the one that gets up every day to cook amazing food in which she adds her love. You can do the same by cooking a meal which you know everyone would enjoy. Not only will this allow your mother to relax but it will also give her a feeling of being appreciated.

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10. Admire her efforts

Your mother does everything in her power to make you happy and expect nothing in return. Even though this is the case, it will surely brighten up her day if you would take a minute or two to appreciate all that she does for each and everyone in the family. Keep mind that everyone likes being admired even if they don’t want anything in return for their favors.

11. Take her out on a date

Yes, you can actually do that. It doesn’t need to be something major, you can just take her out to her favorite restaurant and she will be delighted. It is important it is just the two of you or it is not a date. She will be delighted by the thought of you taking her out to dinner or to shop.

12. Give her a rest day

You can probably agree with me that mothers don’t normally get rest days as she should. She takes care of everyone 24/7 it is one hard job to do but she does it with ease and such finesse that it puts elite athletes to shame. She needs some time off as well. As much as we like to think our mothers are not robots, they are in fact human beings. So she needs the rest days just as much as we do. So, take her responsibilities for a day or two and let her kick her feet up and relax.

Our mothers are wonderful people, they might say dramatic things from time to time but their love knows no bounds and they care immensely for their family. Mothers day come and go but one day is not enough to tell your mother how special she is. So, show her every day how wonderful and beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her. Thank your mom for giving you life

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