Here Are 5 Awesome Ways to Make It Up to Your Naraaz Family Member

We all have been there. It’s the easiest to fling in a fight and exchange harsh arguments with your family but you know WHAT’S THE HARDEST THING?

Making it up to them when it’s your fault!

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But today I’m going to give a friendly advice on how to make it up to your naraaz biwi, sister, brother, mom, dad, etc. The best thing you can do is buying them some fancy stuff that would absolutely love.

Online Shopping is the best thing that has happened to Pakistan. The digital fraternity is on a roll and we cannot thank enough for this very culture that has sorted our lives. You simply have the best on hand deals, hassle-free shopping experience and what not… So, what’s the best you can buy for the naraaz family member?

1. Your brother would lose his mind if you present him with FIFA 18 that’s basically half the price on the best online shopping website!


2. Your sister’s grumpy mood can only, and I mean only be cured by thissssss


3. Is it your mom rather? Well, well, here’s the drill:

  • Chup Chaap take the flying chappal your mom would throw at you
  • Listen to her while she’s unleashing her daant
  • Hug her and tell her that you’ll get your stuff together
  • Go and make your bed; make her bed too and if you would be kind enough to put such a sheet up, biryani for dinner is guaranteed!


4. Not mom? Is it your dad? Kya kartay ho yaar!

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This is surely a tough one. Cut the crap, be prepared for the lecture and there’s no way you can talk him out of the situation but perhaps if he notices you in a great pair of shoes, he would urge to ask where did you get them from!


Get him a pair too.

Moving on…

5. If it’s your wife…


Take her out for dinner and probably set her for a convenient online shopping spree

…and as a wife, the best thing you can do is buy a stunning dress and show up until he helps not and asks where did you get it from? Just tell him how good he would look standing next to you in this suit:


Perhaps, you would end up like this chap here…

via Tumblr is totally changing your online shopping experience. You are in for a joyous experience and the deals are unbelievable. If you want to make someone’s day by buying them something special, it has to be your one-stop for exciting stuff.


They have a free return policy even!

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