5 Ways ICI Pakistan Ltd. Has Made a Difference in Our Lives which We Are Not Even Aware of!

ICI Pakistan Limited, a company belonging to a large-scale industry, has been around for as long as we can remember. The company came into operation even before partition, and is leading by example for all these years.


Present almost all over Pakistan, it is a company that has been catering to us in ways we are unaware of. In fact, it continues to make a difference in our lives.

ICI Pakistan Limited just released a corporate film that embodies everything that they stand for. Have a look!

Now let us scoop out all things that allow ICI Pakistan Limited to continue to make a difference in our lives:

1. Their values and practices are centered on “cultivating growth” – an identity and promise that keeps them on top of their game

2. Their values are at the core of everything they do

The company is driven by a range of business values. They have a passion for delivering the best to their customers and have remained customer-centric. Their innovative approach and their principled integrity and responsibility has won them the trust in the market.

3. Their product range makes them have a close association with every Pakistani’s life

It deals with the manufacturing of Soda Ash, Polyester, Chemicals, Agricultural Sciences and Life Sciences products. Kudos to a team of incredible people who live by the brand values, setting them apart and giving them a competitive edge in the market and, ultimately, serving us top-tier quality.

4. They have committed to sustainability, keeping it a strong fundamental approach in their business

The business is centered around the triple-bottom-line concept which unfolds an approach towards social, environmental and economic parameters.


ICI Pakistan Limited is a Gallup Great Workplace Award winner in 2018! A special trait about this award is that it is given out to those organizations that finish establish and harbor a culture of engagement.

The company continues to practice developing and investing in an engagement-focused approach, fostering a space and facilities where their employees can constructively thrive!

5. A strong pillar upholding the local economy

Not just making a difference in numbers but a whole, rounded-up approach keeping top business values at the forefront. Their business integrity, corporate responsibility, and the values shared by employees bear a testimony of it.

ICI Pakistan Limited is one of the few businesses in Pakistan leading by such a strong set of values. What do you guys think?

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