South African Muslim Cricketer Wayne Parnell And His Wife Are *MashaAllah* Literally Couple Goals!

Wayne Parnell is a very talented South African cricketer but he is not winning only on the field but off the field as well by having this amazing relationship with his wife that will make you go all “aww” and mashAllah. Wayne Parnell converted to Islam in 2011 and in 2016 married a South African fashion blogger Aisha Baker. And some of their pictures prove how they are your couple goals.

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Their obsession with each other is so cute!

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It’s always good to be obsessed with your partner. Wayne Parnell’s wife posted this on her Instagram telling the world how obsessed she is with Wayne. And that is goals.

Here are some pictures from their nikah

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Mashallah. Look at them so beautiful.

If your Nikah isn’t going to be this cool, don’t have one.

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Because dabbing after getting nikahofied is mandatory.

 Take a moment and appreciate

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Do you feel the love they have in this picture? Just stop what you’re doing and say mashAllah.

And they can nail the Christian wedding look too

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Isn’t this beautiful? Looks like straight out of a movie scene. Aisha Baker posted this on her Instagram on their 1st wedding anniversary.

Look at me the way they look at each other

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Either look at me with all this love they have or don’t at all.

If this isn’t goals, what is?

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Couples who eat pizza together stay together.


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The way they look at each other is the perfect example of “tere chehre se nazar nahi hat’ti nazaray hum kya dekhain”. And this is so cute.

So seeing how amazingly in love they are and how beautiful they look together in every possible way, they are your couple goals. Way to go brother Waleed and sister Aisha. May Allah bless you both.

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