These 5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Of Balochistan Prove That It Is A Hidden Vacation Gem!

These 6 Breathtaking Waterfalls Of Balochistan Prove That It Is A Hidden Vacation Gem!

Balochistan is one of the largest provinces of Pakistan in terms of land area and is rich in natural resources. Compared to Punjab, Balochistan isn’t the greenest of lands instantly captivating one’s eyes, but it is a beautiful mountainous region with hidden breathtaking sanctuaries providing a getaway like no other; solitude, calmness, and serenity, all in one.

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There are several natural waterfalls situated in an arid desert like Balochistan that will make you switch your vacation plans abroad to simply take a road-trip within your own country. Pakistan is bestowed with special blessings of nature; from the lush green lands to snow-capped mountains to deserts with glorious waterfalls, this country has it all.



Pakistan has so much tourism potential that still hasn’t been tapped into; Although there is a lot of work that is being done towards promoting tourism in Pakistan. Balochistan is a mine of gold or a hidden gem of sorts since a vast expanse of it remains unexplored for reasons that are complex. Unlike Karachi beaches, Churna Island in Balochistan is nothing short of a paradise; rich marine and coral life including absolutely spotless shorelines attract scuba divers from all places.

These 5 waterfalls in Balochistan will make you pack your bags instantly!

On a glance, Balochistan mostly comprises of dry hills and deserted areas but if you look hard enough, there are places that are full of beauty.

1. Moola Chotok

In the Brahui and Balochi languages, the word ‘Chotok’ implies certain types of water falling from the top. There are several small and big waterfalls in Moola Chotok, hence the name which means Moola Waterfalls.

Moola Chotok


2. Kanrach Waterfall

A valley situated 250 km north-west of Karachi completely untouched and unexplored is called Kanrach and Knaraaj among the locals. This spot is surrounded by majestic mountains secluding it from anyone’s view. Even the drive to this destination gives a great treat of scenic views.

Khanrach Balochistan

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3. Pir Ghaib

This gorgeous waterfall is surrounded by palm trees that provide the perfect shade with water cascading down the rocky mountain merging into streams and ponds. It is situated in Bolan Valley.

Pir Ghaib

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4. Harnai District Waterfall

Harnai is the capital of Harnai district in Balochistan. This unbelievably amazing waterfall is located in Harnai. Again, the terrain leading to this enclosed and tucked-away place is not that smooth, but worth it.


Harnai Baluchistan

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5. Pari Chasma

Pari Chasma is the name of another unexpected waterfall in Balochistan, specifically in Harnaoi district of the province. Uptil now, anyone would be convinced to take a road-trip to Balochistan and relish in these places with little to no tourist around.

Pari Chasma

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These are some of the several waterfalls located somewhere in Balochistan and many more yet to be discovered. This unexplored province has so much to offer than just majestic waterfalls. Hopefully, this province will get much-needed attention it rightfully deserves. If you are planning an adventure trip to Balochistan, then make sure you do ample research on what to pack and take with you.

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