WATCH: Urwa Hocane Getting Visibly Emotional Seeing Farhan Saeed At A Wedding!

Urwa Hocane Farhan Saeed

Last year, the rumor of Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed splitting saddened their fans and caused panic all over social media. We all hoped they were not getting a divorce. However, when we saw them recently at filmmaker Qasim Ali Mureed and Sadia Jabbar’s wedding, we didn’t feel really good!

When we talk about lovable celebrity couples of Pakistan, both Urwa and Farhan are difficult to miss. From their beautiful wedding to the glamorous lifestyle, both have set multiple couple goals.

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Their relationship attracts the media like a moth to a flame, ever since the duo got hitched, all eyes have been on them. The two have been together for years now. Needless to say, they are one of the most favorite real-life couples of the Pakistan showbiz industry.

urwa hocane farhan saeed
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However, when people saw videos from the wedding, it was pretty evident how Hocane and Saeed were spotted avoiding each other. They didn’t even dance together which was pretty rare if we compare the past.

Meanwhile, a video by Irfanistan shows Hocane sitting next to Sadia on the stage while Qasim and Saeed click pictures at the edge before disappearing from the screen. Hocane seems visibly emotional in the video. No? While Saeed clearly didn’t see her.

Source: Instagram

Watch the videos here and judge yourself!

Hocane and Saeed tied the knot back in 2016. And to stay they keep us hooked with their adorable couple goals vibe is for sure an understatement. The couple knew how to keep things sizzling and make their fans love them for their breath-taking pictures.

The adorable duo was one of the first young celebrity couples who paved the way for many recent young celebrities marrying and continuing to build their careers alongside their very active private lives.

We only hope that they settle their differences if there are any soon. It is sad to see both Hocane and Saeed struggling so hard because they actually made ‘couple goals’ a reality in Pakistan. 

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