Watch This Pathan Boy Moving And Grooving On The Punjabi Tune!


The video shows the cute fatty Pathan boy performing hilarious dance on the newly turned famous tune of Imran Khan ‘ Aj Imran Khan de jalse te nachne da mainu jee kanda’. The little boy seems to be big fan of Imran Khan but he must not be aware of the fact that how big of the fans have we become of him. The tune is sung by another boy and this little cute Pathan boy totally rocked on it. Boy seems to be at epitome of his energy which he totally puts out in the hilarious dance moves he does.

Children , these days, are too fond of dancing and busting out the groves on their favorite songs. Some are blessed with innate talent while others develop the fondness of music and dance as they grow up. This Pathan guy seems to be blessed with innate power of giving perfect expressions and dancing to the tune. There seems less doubt he is an other Child-fan of much popular Imran Khan. And, it seems the energy oozing out of him in dance owes to the fiery slogan of ‘Tabdeeli’ raised by great Imran  khan. It’s just amusing to watch this 34 second video clip in which a Pathan boy totally nails it with Punjabi cum Pathan dance adding his own creative touch in it.

The video will leave you with chuckles of laughter and you won’t stop playing it again until your laughter thirst gets over. The like these will make you happy instantly. it just shows the care-free way in which little boy dances and whiffs all your stress away. Wearing Shalwar Kameez, standing on the roof top, the boy seems to be belonging from some hilly area of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. No wonders, why the hilly areas are so freshening as we get to see the happiness ubiquitous in those area spread by people living there. I thank this little cute Pathan boy for showing his moves on a Punjabi song and giving a chance to laugh for a while during the busy day at the office.

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