WATCH: Man Tumbles Off Balcony After Fainting – Alert Bystander Saves Him From Falling

Man Tumbles Off Balcony After Fainting Alert Bystander Saves

An Indian man had a narrow escape in Kerala when a bystander rescued him from a fatal accident just in time. The shocking video of the incident was captured by a CCTV camera.

In the video, a few men could be seen standing in the corridor of a building, said Indian Express. They were leaning against the brick railing. Within a few seconds, one of the men seems to have lost his balance as he fell backward from the balcony unconsciously.

Image: YouTube

However, the alert bystander immediately sprung into action. He grabbed the man’s leg even as others rushed to pull him back onto the floor safely.

As per Indian media reports, the incident took place in Kozhikode’s Kerala Bank Edodi branch.

Watch the chilling video here!

Another report identified the rescuer as Thayyil Meethal Babu. His prompt action has been lauded by netizens. According to the report, Babu is a daily wage worker. He had come to the bank to pay welfare fund installment when the incident happened.

The man who felt dizzy has been identified as Binu He was reportedly admitted to hospital later, however, showed no signs of any major illness.

A miracle indeed! Last year, in Pakistan, a man used his quick-thinking to save his friend from getting electrocuted to death and it was shocking. Just recently, a delivery man caught a toddler falling from a balcony on the 12th-floor of a building in Vietnam. Thankfully, the baby remained unhurt.

Story Credits: Indian Express

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