WATCH: India Faces Brutal Humiliation As French TV Exposes Its Fake News About Pakistan

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Indian media certainly knows how to spice up and cook up news. A French government-owned broadcaster lately debunked the false claims of Indian media regarding Pakistan Air Force (PAF) involvement in Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley.

A recent humiliation for India came from the fact-checking segment of French television, in which it revealed Indian propaganda against Pakistan and called it “peddling fake news”.

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According to James Creedon of France 24, the Indian reporting is “rife with misinformation” and does ‘absolutely dreadful stuff’ as Indian puppet media go berserk over the Afghanistan crisis.

Two of the fabricated events were revealed by French TV, the first was about the Pakistani jet that was ‘shot down’ by Northern alliances in the war-torn country, according to India Today and Aaj Tak. The other one dealt with fake visuals purporting to show conflict between resistance fighters in Afghanistan’s now-fallen valley.

Indian media outlets Republic World, TV9 Bharatvansh, and Zee Hindustan purportedly claimed the involvement of the Pakistani Air Force while the visuals were taken from Arma-3, a multi-role action video game. The other host in the fact check program said, “You’re kidding me. A video game? And this is a news operation broadcasting that as a news story?” he later turned to the camera and said, “Glory be… That’s a bit of a fail”.

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Additionally, the French media revealed that this is not the first time Indian media has used video game footage to portray real-life events. “Absolutely dreadful stuff”, he said while adding that these people are giving journalists an appalling name.

Fawad Chaudhry, the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, also shared the video clip of the French TV report.

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Fake news about Pakistan’s military involvement in Afghanistan circulated on Monday as the Taliban claimed they had seized Panjshir province north of Kabul, the last holdout of anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan and the only province the Taliban had not yet taken.

The Indian news agencies provided footage that they claimed showed Pakistani drones attacking anti-Taliban fighters in Panjshir. However, the viral clip came from an extensive video recording of the video game Arma-3. It was not from the war in Afghanistan, according to fact-checking website Boom.

Prior to that, when the US troop arrived in Islamabad, another fake image went viral. The photoshopped photo claimed the US troops to be staying at a “panahgah” [shelter home]. Interestingly, that photoshopped photo originally surfaced in 2013 when the Stars and Stripes published it.

Indian media is notorious for fabricating news and humiliating itself, and this recent French TV exposé only made it worse.

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