WATCH: Brothers Beat Sister Like An Animal With ‘Helmet & Hammer’ Over Her Demand In Property

Brother Beat Sister

Pakistanis are shocked after watching a video in which two men are thrashing a woman in Peshawar. Why? Just because she, who is their sister, demanded a share in the ancestral house as per her religious and legal rights.

A video of the incident went viral on social media. It showed that two evil brothers barging into a room and slapping and kicking their sister. Two men, identified as Aftab and Arshad, used a helmet and a hammer to beat her up. Not only that, when their old mother tried to save her daughter, one of them pushed, slapped, and kicked her too. Reportedly, a third brother, Zahid, was also involved in the incident.

“Today my three maternal uncles attacked my mother when I and my brother were not home. They attacked and badly beat my mother and grandmother,” said Talha, one of the woman’s sons. He also uploaded the horrific video on social media seeking help.

Watch the video here

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here is the second part of the video. Muhammad Arsalan, another son of the woman, how the men even threw their belongings outside their house.

You can see in the video that the brothers have no emotions for their own mother and sister. Thankfully, after the video went viral, the city police came into action arrested the brother.

As per Dawn, three brothers have been arrested for torturing their mother and sister. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Police confirmed the suspects, Aftab and Arshad, sons of Abdul Hannan, were arrested by the Capital City Police from Amin Colony in Peshawar. 

The video caused outrage and widespread condemnation. The police registered FIR against the accused under sections 354, 506, 337 (A), and 34 of PPC.

The family had a dispute over the ownership of their house. A complainant told the police that her brothers beat her up, causing her injuries. She said her brothers were also threatening to kill her.

Meanwhile, “Upon interrogation, the suspects confirmed they thrashed their sister for demanding her share in their father’s property,” tweeted K-P police. 

How the women doing now?

People, who watched the video, are concerned about the condition of the women. Arsalan revealed on Twitter that her mother and nani are doing fine.

Meanwhile, he also added that his mother is a retired senior engineer from a well-reputed government organization. “In a society where educated and serving at such high post can be beaten so badly I can’t imagine the pain and agony of the illiterate and housewives go through every day.”

The importance of women in Islam is great. It has allocated a small yet definite share for women. However, when it comes to giving it to them, sometimes male members create hurdles for them. Selfish brothers in Hafizabad held their sister captive for 20 years to avoid so that she couldn’t demand her share in the property or inheritance. Meanwhile, a widow sought protection against brothers-in-law who changed their colors after her husband’s death. Disgusting!

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