WATCH: Amna Ilyas’ Latest Twerk Video Sends Netizens Into Fits Of Laughter

amna ilyas twerk

Due to her controversial content every now and then, Amna Ilyas has now effortlessly become a household name. Her latest video on Instagram seems to have created a frenzy on social media in which she can be seen twerking.

Before making her debut as an actress, Ilyas was already a well-known Pakistani model. She made a smashing entrance in the entertainment industry as an actress with the role of Rubina in the movie Zinda Bhaag.

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Every now and then we see this model turned actor stir some kind of controversy. She always manages to get under fire and offend the social media users in one way or another. However, this time, the Saat Din Mohabbat In starlet Ilyas came up with something different.

Lately, the Baaji actor took to Instagram to share a hilarious video in which she is dressed as an elderly lady. In the video, she can be seen shaking her back, doing a twerk to Cardi B’s WAP. “Abhi toh mai jawan hoon [I am still young],” the caption read.

Here is the hilarious video, enjoy!

As it appears, the video is from her upcoming project which we suppose is title Abhi Toh Mai Jawan Hoon.

Well, the video garnered all kinds of reaction. While some seem quite offended by her actions, others find her to be disrespecting the attire. On the other hand, many are sent into fits of laughter.

Let’s take a look at what the netizens have to say about it

Source: Instagram

Well, the public reaction here is nothing new. The world of glam and limelight is certainly not a piece of cake. Many of us think it is easy, but uh-uh, not at all. The world of glam can be very cruel and controversial at times as you can see in some of the comments above.

Ilyas has worked her way up the fashion and entertainment ladder carrying nothing but her proud and brown skin with relentless talent. Last month, the Saat Din Mohabbat In starlet schooled a few netizens on social media after a picture she posted provoked the fury of the moral brigade on Instagram on a woman’s body. It would suffice to say that Ilyas is known to stir controversies.

In October last year, Ilyas pointed out how the former Pakistani model Aaminah Haq has gained weight and become fat in a rather ghastly manner. Later, after being called out, she denied that it was her. More so, instead of apologizing, she further added fuel to the fire.

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