Watch an American Singing the most Beautiful Song in Praise of Imran Khan!

The Leader is a person who is not only popular in the masses of the country but also praised by the leaders of other countries and enjoy the recognition of people of other countries. Imran Khan fulfills that requirement of being a leader and is truly the heartthrob of the nation. In this video we see an African American guy singing the most touching and sweetest tune in praise of great Imran Khan. Holding the guitar, standing in the street of some US city where not many people must be knowing about Imran Khan, he succeeds to catch the attention of Pakistani-Americans, who seem to thoroughly enjoy his sweet vocals.

As the guy begins the song with lyrics “Pakistan..Imran Khan.. You’re the one, you’re the one, the leader of Pakistan..You’re full of love, full of peace, full of unity..Imran Khan, you’re our pride”, the song catches the listener’s attention right form the beginning. As it moves on, you will begin to love it even more. Perhaps, it’s the respect, the love, and the appreciation of Imran khan that makes the tune way more attractive to listener and makes it easy for this American guy to sing it. I’m sure if this song had been played in the much talked about dharna of Imran Khan, followers of  Imran khan and PTI would have gone absolutely crazy.

I have heard numerous Imran Khan and PTI songs sung by Pakistani national and regional singers that have gone viral and heard at every nook and corner of the country. I think, now it’s time to promote this song sung by this American guy in upcoming public gatherings and jalsas of Imran khan and PTI. It will infuse quantums of energy into frantic and frenzy fan followers of Imran Khan, after all the great Imran khan deserves the praise for what he has done for the country and what he aspires to do for Pakistan in future. We wish all the best to Imran khan and thank this guy for giving a beautiful tune which just freshens up instantly and makes energetic to do good for the people and the country.

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