Shehzad Roy’s Old Friend ‘Wasu’ Cannot Afford Two Meals A Day And Needs His Help

Shehzad Roy friend Wasu

If you’re a millennial, you might remember Shehzad Roy’s famous song ‘Apnay Uloo’ – a song that takes the listener on the journey that Pakistan’s politics is. The song featured a special guest, a friend of Shehzad Roy, a man called ‘Wasu’.

Wasu is a poor laborer, who belongs to the Jaffarabad district of Pakistan’s most neglected province, Balochistan. When the song was aired, Wasu became a national celebrity. From his hometown Jaffarabad to Islamabad, everybody knew the talent the Wasu was. His performance in Shehzad Roy’s song ‘Apnay Uloo’ was special.

The song saw Wasu discuss in detail the changing political scenarios of Pakistan, in a very candid manner. Later, Wasu even featured in another Shehzad Roy song ‘Beya Beya’ which was a tribute to the late folk singer, Mureed Buledi.

Wasu Balochistan

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There was a time that Wasu was so popular, that he had become a household name in Pakistan. However, things haven’t been going smoothly for Shehzad Roy’s old friend.

As per reports and rumors on social media, Wasu is going through a financial crunch, with no help from anyone, not even Roy. While Shehzad Roy’s social work continues to do wonders for him and others, it seems the esteemed singer has lost track of his old friend.

As per the viral tweet, Wasu is going through such a tough time, he can not even afford two meals a day for him and his family. The singer who was lauded by the whole country for his beautiful take in ‘Apnay Uloo’ needs our help. More than us, he needs Shehzad Roy’s help. All the internet can do, for now, is to bring attention to the case.

Shehzad Roy featuring Wasu – Apnay Uloo

Since the news of Wasu’s condition broke, people have been sharing their views and giving mixed emotions.

This is how the internet is reacting to Wasu’s terrible state

This man thinks that Shehzad Roy doesn’t care anymore, since his songs with Wasu became hits

As per Ghulam, what Shehzad Roy did for Wasu was enough

Mr. Waqas wants to get in touch with Wasu, he believes Wasu will not need Shehzad Roy’s help then

This person thinks Shehzad Roy only took Wasu on board for fame and doesn’t care for him

This guy is of the same opinion, that Shehzad Roy used Wasu for his ‘fame’

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for a fact, that Wasu is not doing well and needs help. It doesn’t matter if he gets help from Shehzad Roy or anyone else. Wasu is a recognized artist, who does not need the fortune to run his life. Every single penny can help him in the process of a running livelihood.

While Shehzar Roy is developing textbooks to better our education system, he also needs to focus on what others expect from him. We hope that this news reaches Shehzad Roy faster than expected, and the social worker/singer can help his dear old friend Wasu from Balochistan.

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