Famous Baloch Folk Singer Wasu Khan Passes Away

Wasu Khan Passes Away

According to source, the Baloch singer Wasu Khan passes away on Friday in Sukkur. Shehzad Roy, a singer who had Khan in his video, also shared the information.

Wasu Khan Passes Away In Sukkar

The death of Wasu Khan occurred this morning. Despite not being able to read or write, he had a keen understanding of politics and created political satire. The singer posted on the microblogging service, “We shall miss him.

Khan reportedly had a respiratory condition and was hospitalised in a private facility where he passed away. Roy later contacted the singer, who was previously believed to be residing in appalling circumstances.

Since then, the Apney Ulloo singer has taken action to assist his longtime friend and partner by raising the issue with the Balochistani authorities.

“Wasu and I visited with the CM today, and Wasu told him he had sold the land I had purchased for him. He also asked the CM to provide him a house. Jam Kamal Khan promised me he would try his best to assist him.

We also talked about Balochistan’s educational reforms “In 2020, Roy revealed in a tweet. Roy also disclosed that, aside from the time Khan’s family was infected with the coronavirus, he had been in regular contact with Khan for the previous ten years.

Before my entire family received Corona, I was in daily contact with Wasu for the past ten years, he claimed. Roy further mentioned that Khan had said he didn’t want to bother the singer after chatting with him. “He didn’t call me; he claimed he didn’t want to bother me further and that the government should help him.

I so travelled to Quetta to meet him. Khan requested that I take him to the chief minister in a tweet that Roy posted alongside a Khan video in which Khan explained his situation. about 4:18 pm

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