“Another Sudden Resignation” Wasim Khan Steps Down As CEO Of PCB

PCB Wasim Khan resigns

The new management of the Pakistan Cricket Board looks like don’t want to keep the old board members in their team. After Misbah-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis, now Wasim Khan, CEO of PCB has also given his resignation.

Because a few weeks back before even Ramiz Raja came on board, Misbah-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis resigned from their position which created trouble.

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However, not only these two but there’s another person as well who didn’t like the new management and resigned from his position.

Wasim Khan the Chief Executive CEO of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) has officially announced to step down and given his resignation from the post as higher authorities reduced his commands.

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Wasim Khan since he got appointed, he managed to run the PCB very well and faced the media with harsh questions like a true leader.

He even led PCB as the temporary Chairperson, when Ehsan Mani resigned. He led the board for like three years and as per his contract, one year still left. Just like Misbah and Waqar he also resigned before the term ends.

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Waqar Younis had come forward and shared the reason behind their resignation. But what’s the reason behind Wasim Khan’s resignation? Because no one saw it coming and it’s a big step by the CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Wasim Khan Resigned From PCB

Wasim Khan was the best thing that happened to the PCB. He was in Leicestershire as the CEO before he was appointed in PCB as the CEO.

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According to the ESPN Cric Info, “[Khan] is believed to be the only chief executive of BAME (black, Asian or minority ethnic) heritage at a professional sports club in the country and has long argued for greater ethnic inclusivity throughout the sport.

At a time when English cricket is trying to reach out to Asian communities, in particular, his departure leaves the game poorly represented.”

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As per the sources reason behind the resignation shared, “Wasim Khan wasn’t happy with the new developments in the cricket board and presented his resignation in a meeting with the newly-appointed PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja.”

Wasim Khan Loyal To His Duty

Wasim Khan was fully loyal to the board, even when the New Zealand series cancellation happened, he took the matter very seriously and stood with the board. His comments over the scene showed that he and Ramiz Raja will lead the PCB to the next level.

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“Ramiz Raja, the chairman, and I will be taking this up at the ICC level but also with New Zealand. It is something that we’ll be pushing to have a discussion more broadly over this topic when we sit at the ICC table,” he said.

“We went after the Bangladesh team got attacked in a Masjid. We’ve done everything we possibly could do. What we have to look at now is that we expect fair treatment the other way as well.

Source: Aaj

It’s easy to walk out of countries like Pakistan without any reason, dialogue, or discussion. That has to stop. Because the inequality has to stop in world cricket, unless we do that we’re not going to have an even playing field, both in treatment and in finances,” he further added.

Cricket Fans Reaction On Wasim Khan’s Resign

The moment news went viral, within hours Twitter filled with the Pakistani cricket fan’s reactions.

By these comments, it doesn’t look like that he would ever resign from his respective duty even before the term ends.

It does look like PCB has become the dark nightmare for the current members and there might be chances to hear some other person resigning too.

The Board of Governing and Ramiz Raja will further look at Wasim Khan’s resignation in today’s meeting.

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