Pakistan Cricket Board Clears The Rumor Of T20 World Cup Match Boycott

As the day surpassing more people coming forward in support of Pakistan for what New Zealand did recently. A few days back, New Zealand canceled the whole series at the last minute by claiming that there’s a security threat and left the country.

This whole news created chaos in the cricket world especially in Pakistan, no one saw it coming and sabotaged the image of Pakistan Cricket in front of the world.

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Pakistani Cricket Players got furious and expressed their anger on social media. But on the other hand players like Darren Sammy and Chris Gayle came forward in support of Pakistan which overshadowed the bad news.

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Till now New Zealand hasn’t shared any details regarding the threat or anything. Plus, as this heated situation going on, there was a rumor spread like a fire that Pakistan will be boycotting the T20 World Cup match against New Zealand.

Although it wasn’t coming from any PCB officials, it was just the rumor spread that created the scenario more intense and clear the air by the Wasim Khan.

Pakistan Takes No Stand With Boycott

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Soon the rumors spread, Pakistan Cricket Board immediately took the action to clear out the air and maintain good relations.

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Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Executive Wasim Khan released the statement, “Right now there is no issue of us not playing NZ,” Khan said at a Zoom press conference on Sunday.

“We have a duty to the fans and we have to fulfill that.” He also ruled out players wearing black armbands in protest. “I think we just need to be very careful in terms of the perspective,” he said.

“We don’t want to take that route showing any sort of political gesturing and posturing and any sort of visible protest.”

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Khan further added the abandonment had created “political tensions” in the PCB’s relationship with New Zealand Cricket “because the way it was done was disrespectful.”

He even highlighted the attack on the mosque, “We have done everything for other countries, our players have sacrificed 14 days of quarantine in New Zealand and went to New Zealand after an attack on the mosque.”

“It’s easy to walk out of countries like Pakistan without any reason, without any dialogue and that has to stop.”

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To have the series, PCB logistics are linked with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to visit Pakistan for the series. It’s going to be the replacement series.

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England and Australia both are scheduled to play in Pakistan later this year.

Some Details Shared With PCB By David White

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Meanwhile New Zealand Chief Executive David White also released some statements, there is some specific information have been shared with the PCB, “specific details could not, and will not, be disclosed – privately or publicly.”

“The Blackcaps have arrived in Dubai after leaving Islamabad on a charter flight last night,” New Zealand Cricket said in a statement.

“The contingent of 34 players and support staff are now settling into their Dubai hotel and undergoing their 24-hour period of self-isolation.”

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White said he appreciated what a “terribly difficult time” it was for the PCB, but added New Zealand had no choice but to abandon their visit.

“What I can say is that we were advised this was a specific and credible threat against the team,” he added.

“We had several conversations with New Zealand government officials before making the decision and it was after informing the PCB of our position that we understand a telephone discussion was conducted between the respective prime ministers. Unfortunately, given the advice we’d received, there was no way we could stay in the country.”

According to the New Zealand Herald on Saturday “‘Five Eyes’ – a global intelligence alliance of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK – had issued the security threat, which the authorities took very seriously.”

Whatever happened is done, no one can undo that but it surely put Pakistan Cricket in jeopardy because West Indies, England, and Australia are scheduled to play in Pakistan.

England Cricket Board also didn’t share any information after the incident took place. But one thing has been cleared, that Pakistan will meet New Zealand in the T20 World Cup which is scheduled for the 26th  of October.

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