Wasim Akram Schools A Desi Troll For Moral Policing His Young Daughter

wasim akram troll daughter

Everyone knows Pakistanis have a keen interest in trolling. In fact, moral policing someone, especially celebrities is a major hobby of a lot of Pakistanis. May it be our beautiful and bold actresses or handsome and dashing cricketers; no one is safe from these netizens! Recently, a troll on daughter of Wasim Akram came in.

However, it seems that when we talk about cricketers, legendary Wasim Akram just proved that he is a father who doesn’t like to be messed with.

The former cricketer was seen taking a walk with his daughter and seeing the young child wearing shorts was near to blasphemy for Pakistanis. Hence it had to be dealt with immediately.

Image: Facebook

And, it was! A netizen seeking this opportunity as a great way to criticize Akram posted a comment about dressing his daughter appropriately.

The child was wearing a shirt and shorts in the picture. Although, Wasim Akram, seems to have given no interest or comment on being trolled in the past, couldn’t bare a word being said about his beloved daughter.

Hence, the outcome was indeed straightforward and right on point.

Wasim akram daughter
Image: Instagram

Wasim Akram replied, “Are you serious, mind your freaking own business”.

And we don’t judge Akram for his stance at all! Who shames a child? And moral policing little pre-teens to not wear shorts! We wonder what else are they supposed to wear then?

Most importantly looks like one thing is clear, Wasim Akram is surely not a father to be messed with, no troll will be tolerated for her daughter. Not only will he shut trolls down when it comes to his family; but he will send you straight back home!

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