Washing Soap Made From Sewage Waste Is Being Distributed In Karachi Markets!

Washing Soap From Sewage Waste

These days when ‘bad health’ is said to be the biggest concern for the decreasing life span of an average human, the high percentage of junk food consumption and the use of low-quality daily products are playing a pivotal role in such cases. All over Pakistan, there are cottage industries set up by locals who are manufacturing household goods by cheapest means without caring a bit about the devastating effect it will have on the consumer. Among such incidents coming in, recently, a Pakistani journalist exposed a group of people who were producing dishwashing soap from sheer filth.

Dish/clothes washing soap bars are being made from sewage waste in Karachi!

The increasing number of unusual diseases being discovered and the turmoil that has taken over Pakistan especially its metropolis is dragging the citizens towards a deteriorating stance. Karachi which is also among the largest cities of Asia is currently covered in dirt and dust and the controlling authorities are still not ready to pay any heed to it. As the illegal activities prevailing within the city have grabbed pace, yet again, earlier this week, famous journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan along with his team members exposed the gang involved in making washing soap with sewage waste.

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After a proper recce, Iqrar Ul Hassan in his show ‘Sar E Aam’ exposed the fraudulent men involved in the manufacturing!

کیا آپ نے بھی کبھی بھیانک ترین خواب میں سوچا ہوگا کہ گٹروں کی گندگی سے کپڑے اور برتن دھونے کا صابن تیار کیا جارہا ہے؟

کیا آپ نے بھی کبھی بھیانک ترین خواب میں سوچا ہوگا کہ گٹروں کی گندگی سے کپڑے اور برتن دھونے کا صابن تیار کیا جارہا ہے؟ — رات بھر شہر کے ان گٹروں سے گندگی اکھٹی کرتی ہیں جو شادی ہال اور ہوٹلوں کے قریب ہوں — وہاں دھلنے والے ہزاروں برتن کی چکنائی ان گٹروں میں شامل ہوجاتی ہے اور پھر اسی چکنائی سے 70 فیصد کمپنیاں برتن اور کپڑے دھونے کا صابن تیار کرتی ہیں#ARYNews #SareAam

Gepostet von ARY News am Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2019

The soap bars made were then distributed to the local markets from where the consumer unknowingly buys them!

From keeping a close check on the manholes of the city to actually collecting the ‘useful’ filth from them at midnight and then providing the small manufacturing units with it, this whole racket was busy playing with Karachites’ lives from how long only God knows. The finished product was then distributed to the local markets from where unknowingly the citizens buy them for their own use. No idea, why has it become so easy to risk others’ lives for the sake of one’s own personal benefits in this modern world.

Till now, Pakistanis were being fed donkeys, dogs and well, frogs were the newest addition to the menu and now Iqrar Ul Hassan has revealed that the soap used to wash dishes and clothes is made up of sewage waste, where are we even headed as humans? Last month, Lahoris were worried after police recovered five tonnes of frog meat from a rickshaw which was going to be distributed in a renowned market. Well, it seems like the concerned authorities are in a deep sleep while the criminal minds are pulling off their cheap tactics on innocent citizens.

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