This Pakistani Guy Believes That War Is Not An Option For The Kashmir Dispute!

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What’s the most affected place in the world? I’m saying, without any doubt, Kashmir. I strongly condemn whatever’s happening in Kashmir as well as the violations of Human Rights done by the Indian forces.

These pretty much started in 2014 after Modi got elected as the Prime Minister of India and peaked after the revocation of article 370. It states that the “Article 370 of the Indian constitution gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir”

The Indian armed forces started violating the human rights of Kashmiris by mass killings, enforced disappearances to internet shutdowns not to mention the availability of healthcare.

Furthermore, the Pakistani government condemns the brutal use of power against innocent Kashmiris by India as well and downgrades all diplomatic ties with the Indian government. On the other hand, the Indian defence minister warned the UN and Pakistan regarding the use of nuclear weapons.

I must say, the Indian Defence Minister isn’t thinking clearly. It is a known fact that Pakistan holds more nuclear warheads than India.

Pakistan Today

Even Albert Einstein noted, “Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.”

We, as Pakistanis believe that India and Pakistan should officially start table talks to solve the Kashmir issue. There have been enough of killings, carnage, torments, and disruptions from both sides. It’s high time now to solve the much-awaited and the extremely contentious issue that has been present for decades.

Although a nuclear war sounds like a small word to us, it’s capable of bringing mass destruction. The kind which can’t be remunerated for decades. If you think that war’s the symbol of power then you surely don’t know about the term ‘peace’. 

If we look into history, nuclear war has proven to be a terrifying thing. Anyone and everyone who competes in it is barely a conqueror or a winner. Rather they are murderers of the entire humanity.

We have an example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the first nuclear weapons ever been used and in seconds. Half of the people in both cities died due to that bombarding of nuclear weapons. The ones who died instantly were luckier as the ones who managed to survive entered a living hell on a planet like earth.

As a result, a nuclear war will create a huge impact. Not only on human life but also on the climate, human food resources and last not but the least, the entire environment. Therefore, war isn’t an option for solving issues whether it’s regarding Kashmir or anything else.

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