The Social Media War Between Pakistanis On Today’s Panama Verdict Is Extremely Confusing!

With the historical Panama Case verdict out, one can only be sure that the sitting government has taken the decision in their favor. With three out of the five judges giving their decision in Nawaz Sharif’s favor, two judges Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and Justice Gulzar called for the Prime Minister’s disqualification.

With the country now ambiguous on who won the case, there is a war brewing out on social media forums, especially Twitter. Supporters of the sitting government and the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaaf are both celebrating victory after the Panama verdict, but really, who won?


This is how Twitter is fighting over the Panama Case decision

The decision has left the whole country wondering who actually won. However, one thing is for sure, that the Prime Minister’s money trail could not be verified and the two judges who gave a decision against him has given enough fuel to the anti-Nawaz protestants.

But until the Joint Investigation Team starts its work on the further investigation, Pakistan’s sitting Prime Minister will be Nawaz Sharif and the ruling party will be PML-N, which too many, is nothing less than victory.

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