This Guy’s Parody of Waqar Zaka Is Hands down The Best Thing on the Internet

Baap of all dares, baap of all rave parties, baap of all Snapchat and now the baap of Facebook live, Waqar Zaka is a pretty notorious celebrity in Pakistan. Loved by millions, hated by millions as well, his reputation is kind of misunderstood. Ever since he stepped into the prospect of reality TV shows, he continues to make headlines for the audacious things he does on camera. From kissing a snake to pis*ing contestants off, he’s done it all for the sake of entertainment.

Source: Sheikhspeare Entertainer

Even if you do not like Waqar Zaka, you might be influenced by his campaign of helping out war-struck Syrian civilians in Aleppo and Muslims facing barbarism in Burma. Credit goes to him for the philanthropic work he continues to do. On the flipside, it doesn’t take long for him to do pull off something outrageously ridiculous and break the internet. Scrolling down my newsfeed, I came across this entertainer who did a parody of Waqar. Now, a parody of him can be pulled off because there’s enough about him that can translate into banter.

Check out this guy’s parody of Waqar Zaka – it will surely leave you in laughing fits

WARNING: Obscene language. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Posted by CarryMinati on Monday, July 10, 2017

Brb, laughing.

Let’s just take it in a humorous way. Nothing against Waqar Zaka; it’s just a parody. But boy, did he nail it? Absolutely! His gestures, his expressions, the way he speaks, it pretty much matches to Waqar. He just did a parody of his popular reality tv show that we once avidly watched for its ridiculous entertainment that seemed sick yet enjoyable.

Although this guy is Indian, yet he has a huge fan base in Pakistan for the work he does. There are many parodies like that but the one to stand-out among all has to be this one. It’s crazy – never mind the profanity – and quite close to reality. What do you guys think about it?

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