Waqar Zaka Interviewed the Pakistani-American Band Krewella and It Was Amazing!

If you are a fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), by now you must be aware of the Krewella sisters! The duo gave the hit track Alive which was the jam of every other party. While many grooved on the track with their hearts free and souls high, little did people know that these two sisters are originally from Pakistan!


Krewella sisters, Jahan Yousuf and Yasmine Yousuf belong to a Pakistani family and have never shied away from sharing this important information of their lives. Their father is a Pakistani and was extremely supportive when the girls shared their dreams of forming an EDM band.

“People are always kind of shocked when we tell them we’re from there. But it’s cool, I think it brings something new that people might not have expected. And I love representing where we’re from. We’re always representing, first and foremost our city of Chicago, but after that, we’re definitely prideful of where our parents came from.”said Yasmin in an interview.

To Get More Insights Regarding the Sisters being Pakistani, Pakistani Anchor Waqar Zaka went Live with Duo!

Zaka symbolized the work of Krewella as “women empowerment” and also mentioned how it is necessary to support these ladies as they have always felt pride in sharing how they belong to Pakistan.


The sister shared how their parents were very supportive, despite the fact that they belong to a Muslim household. Choosing EDM allowed them to freely choose different, endless amount of options in terms of creating music. The sisters also shared how being raised in an Islamic household taught them to be clean and tidy in their lives. “Shoes off when you enter the household. Use a ‘lota’.”

When asked what the sisters feel about Pakistani music, Yasmin shared how their father is obsessed with Coke Studio. “Our father shows us a lot of songs and videos of Coke Studio. He is obsessed with it.” The girls also shared how Indian film Taal and its music by AR Rahman has been one of their favorites.

Upon asking if the sisters would like to do a charity based show in Pakistan for the acid victims, they didn’t hesitate in saying how honored they would be if given the opportunity. Jahana also shared how doing a show in Pakistan is her main goal.

There was the special, spontaneous appearance of Steve Aoki who said “Salam” in the video!

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Here’s the Link to the Complete Interview:

It was a very fun-packed interview where the sisters shared a lot about being Muslims and Pakistan. Kudos to Waqar Zaka on bringing light to these women in the light of how they are Pakistanis!

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