Waqar Zaka Exposes Nida Yasir – Marwah’s Parents Say They Never Approached Her

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Unbelievable! Somehow, Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Clearly, despite all the criticism she receives, the host pays no heed to mend her ways or learn a thing or two about sensitivity. Having none of it, Waqar Zaqa exposes the lies she used to cover up the recent blunder.

With the ongoing rape epidemic and the uproar surrounding it, Yasir, starving for attention, somehow thought it was a good idea to invite the parents of a 6-year-old rape victim and probe them about the murder of their child. Basically, anything for TRP.

Twitterati soon boiled with anger, requested PEMRA to impose a ban on Nida Yasir’s show with the hashtag #reportpemra trending all over Pakistan. It is 2020, and her morning show is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons!

According to sources, the girl, identified as Marwah, was kidnapped on Friday evening. She had been missing since then, until her body was discovered near her house in Essa Nagri, Karachi. Later, her autopsy confirmed that the poor girl was raped before being thrown in the garbage.

Nida Yasir brilliantly lied through her teeth

Witnessing so much public outrage, Yasir decided to stoop even lower with an apology full of cock and bull story. According to the TV host, she did not invite the family of the Marwah.

In fact, the victim’s parents were actually the ones seeking media assistance. More so, the selfless host changed her show’s schedule as she considered it her duty to help them by bringing them on air.

In her so-called apology, Yasir highlighted how Marwah’s parents have been helped financially post the show as the father was unable to work since the ordeal. In fact, the lady even claimed that it was because of the show that the rapist of the little girl was caught. The audacity!

In the presence of those parents whom she passed no condolences to, the host crossed all boundaries of empathy in the show yet had an excuse to cover up her utter ignorance. Well, it is no news that she is capable of going to bizarre lengths to secure ratings for her show.

Waqar Zaka spills the beans on Nida Yasir’s barefaced lies

While exposing the shameless host, Zaka shares the alleged real story behind the insensitive show. With evidence and witnesses, the audacious lies are brought to light.

Waqar Zaka Exposes The Lies In Nida Yasir's Apology- Marwah's Parents Didn't Approach Her
Source: YouTube

In his vlog, Waqar shares a video of an activist who talks to the victim’s father and reveals the truth about the morning show. Upon asking if he contacted the channel or Nida Yasir, the father refuses and says that they approached them.

In fact, when he asks the victim’s uncle, he says that he does not even know anyone in media. Right after the dead body was found, it was the media contacting them rather than the other way around.

Moreover, another lie caught was that Yasir claimed it only after her show that the First Information Report (FIR) was registered. In the video clip that Waqar shares of the activist, Marwah’s uncle once again refuses. Turns out that the FIR registered the same day she went missing.

Could she stoop any lower? The activist clarifies how it is the social media that brings incidences like these to attention. While refuting Yasir’s statement that she did not do the show for TRP, he highlights how the ads between the show earned her money.

Bad publicity is still publicity for Nida?

Moving on, Zaka brings up the question as to why she has not been replaced yet. He asks, “What is media most afraid of?

Waqar Zaka Exposes The Lies In Nida Yasir's Apology- Marwah's Parents Didn't Approach Her
Source: Facebook

Furthermore, while being on the Twitter page of one of the show’s sponsors, he says, “Leave PEMRA alone. If you complain to them and tell them how insensitively they dealt with the parents of a rape victim, they will immediately cut off with the show.”

Zaka emphasizes how Good Morning Pakistan has always been the center of controversy and for the host, bad publicity is still publicity.

Well, you can watch the rest of it in the video below!

Being criticized teased, mocked, or ridiculed is still better than being ignored in the TRP game for Nida Yasir. She definitely knows how to use negative publicity to her advantage.

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